Sunday, December 28, 2014

Remember'n a "little red bronco II"

YIKES!!!!.....it's cold outside (42 degs). An', accord'n to our wonderful weather forecasters, it's gonna be on the rainy chilly side for the entire week. That folks, ain't good news. What can ya do when the weather has you cooped up in the house?

Well, at Billy Bob's house, we got all kinds of stuff we can do. There's a ton of housework that could be done. Them tools lay'n on the floor could be put back in their proper place. A leak'n winder could be fixed....now how comes "Sally da house" has got a leak'n winder? Then of course, I could make me a trip to Walmart. Or I could just sit here an' "do nuttin". The choices are unending.

It was back in 2003 I'm think'n. Or was it 2002? Me an' my trusty dog Beaudreaux.....

we took us a trip to Georgia in "Alice", my first motorhome.  A 1989 classic 30 foots Open Roads by Tiffin.

We camped at my son's Jesse James' house....

out in the yard under some pine trees. I didn't have me no "toad" (vehicle to go to Walmart in). In the back yard was this old junk look'n two tone blue, an' grey 1984 Ford Bronco II.

The purchase price was reasonable....for a running Bronco II, but it didn't run worth a poop. Clutch slip. Front wheels look like this \----/. Battery is slap dead. It needs some attention.  Bout $500 attention it got.

Fast forward a year or so, I'm out in California. I have plenty of time on my hands, let's paint that Bronco II.

 Sandpaper, Bondo an' all kind of stuff is purchased. We gonna make this sucker look brand spank'n new.

I'm think'n that's a pretty good look'n paint job. Even though I had a tachycardia attack (rapid heart beat an' almost pass out) while apply'n the final finish coat. We named it "the little red bronco II".

For the next bout 4 years, the "little red bronco II" follow us all around the country....never give a problem. Never hear a whimper. Just look at the key an' she was up an' run'n, rare'n to go. But she was get'n old. I didn't trust her no more. Computer was dead, engine don't sound right....she needs to be in a old folks home. Replaced with that jacked up, off road POS "that jeep".

What has been replaced with the "billy jeep".

 What I'm think'n bout replac'n with a Harley Davidson....with a side car ya know for Sadie Mae.  
 Something like this.....
Ha, won't be no winter trips to Walmart on that thing....."Sadie Mae, go for ride"???

Yesterday I got me some time in work'n on that tug boat. Ya see, it had some balsa wood on it, an' I don't like balsa wood....way way too soft for a "macho" man to place in his calloused hands . I replaced it with some scrap PVC plastic cut to shape (modified), sanded an' glued back in place. Painted it black an' now ya can swak it with golf'n club an' never leave a dent.

Ok, I'm done for the day. I got stuff to do ya know.  


  1. Amen to the Harley ~ Sadie Mae don't wanna go? Come on by and pick me up, Billy Bob - I'll go riding with ya in that! Anytime!