Thursday, December 4, 2014


Yesterday was one hell of a day. With visitors from 10am till almost 9pm, the old Billy Bob was wored slap out. It was a good day.

There wasn't much to do to get ready for the road....tire pressures, stuff under the hood, tie shit down so's it don''t fly all over the place, drink up bout 4 pots of coffee....an' tell stories. Three of the boys showed up.

A pot of south Texas chili was brewed up so's I'll have something to eat on the trip. While it was brew'n, we discussed "bambi" chili. Now in my book, venison has no place in a pot of chili. That's a macho thing that all men talk about.....how good venison chili is. I have my take on that too. Yes I know what the "good book" says....eat deer. But that's only if ya cain't find a cow. Anyhows, the old Billy
will be eat'n some the best south Texas chili ya ever eat.....made with cow meat.

It was dark outside. I set my alarm for 7am. Had to turn the lights on just to see what time it was. I don't do dark. Didn't sleep too well last night with this trip on my mind. Good possibility I'll be run'n into rain this afternoon over there in Alabama....accord'n to the weather forecaster that ain't never got nuttin right yet. An' these guys make good money.

Ok, I got to get ready to hit the road. Robert will be here shortly. "Yo mama" dropped in for a final chat.
See ya down the road a piece.

"Holy crap Billy Bob, is there some kind of fire down the road....slow this sucker down". I ain't go'n fast dag nab it, I just left too early. Too early be'n 11am. I know how many hours it take to drive 200 miles an' I know what time it gets dark. Most times I will pull into every rest area there is....stretch my legs, go pee out under a tree, grab me a snack, an' put Sadie Mae on a rope so she can do her thing. Rest areas??? There weren't none. This one just popped up out of nowheres an' the one I was gonna spend the night is only 45 more miles down the road. I like Texas rest areas. Bout a hour an' a half between. Something like that.

Everthing went smoothly this morn'n. That was until we attempted to put the slide out in. Ya see, under that old couch was 3 sets of seat belts bolted to the floor of the slide out. We just push them bolt down even on the top side, but on the bottom, they run slap into the side of "Sally da house"....the slide don't go in, stick out 4 inch at the bottom. Removal of the bolts took a good 10 minutes...."hurry Robert, I got to go".
Anyhows, I pulled out of Fly'n J a hour ahead of schedule....what puts me at my overnight rest area a hour early. Next overnight possibility would be another hunnert miles. I don't drive 300 mile a day.

I didn't even get out of Georgia when I hit some rain drops. For bout 5 minutes or so. After that, it's hot in "da house". 78 degs just south of Birmingham, Alabama.

Ok, I'm gone.....I got some miles to eat before I get in that chair.
See ya in a couple hours....... 


  1. Go for it Billy Bob, take your time and enjoy the drive.

  2. Come on home, Billy Bob. Warm today, and thru this week. Make sure to read Hermit Jim's blog today - you should get a laugh from it!
    Be careful - we'll see ya down the road a piece....

  3. Oh, how I hate partings and goodbyes! :( Dang, I'm going to miss Georgia and your tales from there; yet the future will bring times for more good memories for you. Travel safely, Billy Bob. I reckon by this time of day you are a far piece down the highway.

  4. I hope everything goes smoothly. Have a good trip!

  5. I will order up a nice day for your arrival in Texas.

  6. I can hear Willie singing along, "On the road again"... Have a good trip, the sun is shining somewhere.

  7. Take your time and enjoy the drive. Sure glad Robert was there to help you with the slide out.

  8. Safe travels Billy Bob!

    Max from Illinois, currently in La Feria, TX

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