Monday, December 22, 2014

I don't warsh golf'n clubs...they look fine from my house

They say the early bird gets the worm. Well, I don't eat no stink'n worms....but I'm up anyhows.

Oh, before I forget, remember that wheel I constructed? You don't??? Well ya see, that chair (my new recliner) is heavy an' it's hard to pull away from the wall so's it will go into a recline position. With my bad back, my engineer'n skills kicked in. I built a wheel for it. Well yesterday I was sit'n here wonder'n what to do for the day. "Install the wheel Billy Bob". An' that's exactly what I did.

A slide to the wall test was made. This sucker can be moved with one hand. Well, maybe not my hand, but some strong feller. Ha, when I was younger, I could pick that chair  up with one hand an' set that sucker down anywheres I wanted it. Could this be part of my back problems....do'n stupit stuff???

It's 8:30am now, only two hours to tee time with the OFM Barney at the golf ball swak'n place. I've taken my Spiriva COPD medication an' took me up a couple aspirins. Traipsing out into the neighboring farm land next to the golf course an' climb'n trees look'n for my golf ball should be much easier today with less pains. I was gonna load my secret weapon golf'n club in the bag this morn'n, but I decided I would give Barney a sporting chance. I'll be swak'n with my antique driver again today. Not know'n where the hell my golf'n ball will end up.

About warsh'n golf clubs, I felt do'n that would be bout the same as not count'n strokes....cheat'n. I don't cheat, so I don't warsh my golf clubs.

Ok, that's enough golf for one day. My intention for today is to break 90. That's a score of less than 90.....like 89.....or something like that. I've given up on the "holy grail" of amateur golf, break'n 80 due to my age an' my inability to swak a golf ball over 200 yards. Reaching the green on a par 4 in 2 strokes (swaks) is a thing of the past.

I did a few odds an' ends yesterday, other than that chair. If'n ya look real close, you will see that the entire floor has been sweeped out the door into the yard. I don't do the dirt picker up thingy. Now why cain't I think of what ya call them things???     
Damn, git'n old really sucks.

Ok....that's it...I'm out of here.


  1. "what ya call them things"
    You thinkin' dustpan? I have two - can't bend to use either.

    Or are you thinkin' vacuum cleaner? They pick up real good if you can handle one; I can't anymore.

  2. Since it's the second mouse that gets the cheese, it's all good because you get to sleep in. Dust pans have handles on them these days for no bending!

    1. The handles fall off, then require bending over to make use of that type dustpan. With a straight handle they are awkward to use. Cheap junk.
      I wish I could find a decent mop! With a wooden handle and mophead of more than a dozen strings! Cheap junk. Made in China, Made in China, Made in China. Bah Humbug!

  3. Could it perhaps be a swiffer picker upper?

  4. "Could this be part of my back problems....do'n stupit stuff???"

    Perhaps...I know that is the cause of mine :(