Saturday, December 6, 2014

Very important update.....This sucks.....dad gun rest area closed

 Many years ago, I retired an' took up the trade of RV'n for a liv'n. I don't make much, but it's an experience. Back in them days, I-10 was the chosen highway system to get me from Texas to Georgia and back with little problems. It was excit'n to see all those trees hang'n over the highways, Big ol' Walmart signs you could see for miles....and rest areas located in convenient locations. Where you can take a rest....or sleep at night.

Well boy howdy, let me tell ya right now.......don't do it. Yesterdays travel distance was to be 220 "easy" miles. Pull into the rest area at Slidell, La., eat up some supper an' lay back for the night. Ha....soon as I enter the state of La., the freak'n rest area visitor center is closed. I'm coming into Slidell, make a right on I-12, there's a Walmart right down the road a piece. By the time I find it, I burn up a couple gallons of gasoline. I point "Sally da house" at the first entrance....an' I slams on the brakes. Barricades hang overhead.....12 feets from the ground. "Sally is 12' 6" in stock'n feet. We won't be stay'n in the Slidell Walmart tonight.

Back on I-12, what has traffic like what I expect to find in Houston during rush hour, we travel another 60 or 80 miles. On an' off the highway bout a hunnert times look'n for a place to stay for the night. I spy a Love's truck stop up the road. I pulls in, there's construction go'n on, half the parking area is closed. An' the other half is slap full of big ass trucks. Across the street is a Velero station with truck parking. The truck park'n lot is full, but I find me a nice level spot off to the side out front. I shut down the engine, sit in that chair an' relax. I drove bout 310 miles today to this point....give or take. There's more yet to come.

At midnight, I'm layed back mind'n my own business....ain't bother'n nobody...I hear a knock on my door. It's security...."this is a no parking zone, you got to git out now". Oh crap, it's dark out there, I cain't see in the dark. Three other "full" truck stops later, I'm back on I-10 headed west. There's a rest area bout 30 or so miles up the road. That sucker is slap full, not one empty spot to park for the night. Oh wait, behind that other motorhome is a perfect camp'n site. I drove 340 miles today. I'm a little over half way home.

I have that feel'n, today is gonna be another yesterday. I'm 160 miles east of Houston. It's the weekend, traffic through Houston will be terrible when I get there. My freak'n back hurts from all them extra miles...and the stress...Oh my god.....this is gonna be a rough day....I betcha a dollar.   

It IS nice to get out of the forest, but what the hell is so excit'n bout swamps? That's all I have to say bout that. This trip has not been excit'n at all. But shoot, what do ya expect when ya drive interstates? I ain't see my first John Deere tractor yet.

See ya down the road a piece.....

Update......I'm broke down.

Ya see, when I was gonna hit the road...4 hours ago, I had no ignition, no dash lights, starter don't work. Much "try'n this an' try'n that", I have determined the ignition switch needs replaced. I have been able to get the starter crank up the engine a few times, but as soon as I release the key, everthing goes dead again.

Now, when I turn the key to the run position, the dash lights up...."just don't turn the key to the start position Billy Bob". As a test, I turn the key to run, climb up under "da house" an, jump the starter with a big ol' screwdriver. It fire right up. So's I ran a jumper wire to the starter, the other end next to the battery. I can start the engine from there just by touch'n the positive battery terminal. Will it continue to run once I get on the interstate??? I have no idea. Do I try to go all the way to south Texas with it like this?? Ha, would hate to be stranded on the side the highway. I'll make a few loops around the rest area an' see what that proves.

Google search in Lafayette, La. shows no results for RV engine repair. It's 2pm, too late in the day to "hit the road". I still want more tests before I encounter a hunnert big ol' 18 wheel trucks.  

Ok, I'm gonna take a much needed break an' think this shit out. Damn, still got 450 more miles ahead of me.


  1. Driving through Houston is an experience! Trying to stay on the same highway involves taking several exits. Flying J's usually have RV parking but like everywhere else, they fill up early. We usually try to have our day's driving done by 3:00 or so and that early there are usually places to park available.

  2. I try to get an early start and then stop early in the afternoon, before most folks are ready to quit for the day. But then there isn't much to do for the rest of the daylight hours, so it's sometimes very boring. I hope today is better for you - maybe you will just sail around Houston. Or maybe just look for an alternative smaller and less traveled road and skip the interstate.

  3. Don't forget Billy Bob, you can fix anything!! And it seems you did get it going. Hope all goes well for you the rest of the trip.

  4. I hope your fix works when you want to get on the road again. Gotta stay hopeful. I hate to drive 450 miles in a day, but if I could get started really early I'd probably try to knock off most or all of it tomorrow. Good luck.

  5. I'd check for an auto electrical shop. If it's the ignition switch they should be able to do that even in an RV.

  6. You getting there, them repairs slow you down but you can do it, We have stayed at Delta downs Race track nice for a free overnight stop and good deal on the food too. Cheap is good... with a players card.

  7. Sorry to see no update since 9:20am. It's like a bad omen IMO. Possibly you have no electric power. PPL Motor Homes is not very far off I10 in the SW part of Houston and they possibly could have a new switch or be able to get yours working again.

    Another thought, you may have a BBC (battery control center) like my Bounder and it may be the problem instead of the switch. Here is a map link to PPL Motor Homes (Houston).


  8. Billy Bob, your ignition switch may be a common, easily found part. I know the ignition switch for my 2000 motorhome is common to a 1968 chevy pickup. Good luck. Max from Illinois. (currently in Texas)