Monday, January 19, 2015

A busy day....kind of sorta

I'm sit'n there paint'n a flag pole. I hear a knock knock knock. What the hell, ain't nobody knocks on Billy Bob's door.

Yesterday night, I was feel'n kind of strange. Hot flashes an' stuff. Vision not quite right. I grab holt to my wrist an' check my pulse. It's play'n "Skip a Beat".

Now how comes this??? I got to think'n. Earlier, my lower back was hurt'n something terrible. I grabs holt to the Advil bottle. No wait, let's take a couple aspirin. No wait, I got some them Tylenol 3's left. I take one.
Think'n back, the last time I took Tylenol 3, I'm think'n I was listen'n to "Skip a Beat". I will NOT be tak'n no more Tylenol 3's.

To my surprise, there stands the OFM Barney with a great big ol' grin on his face. I help him in "da house" an' sit him down. We had us a usual "old folks" golf ball swak'n talk. Along with anything else what crossed our minds....aches an' pains, travel ideas, weather conditions.....you know what I'm talk'n bout.

Nephew Joseph come out to "da house" an' says...."I need your assistance uncle Bill". Ha, it was up under the mobile....string'n out sewer drain lines. Ya see, he was chang'n out a busted bath tub/shower assembly with a high dollar brand spank'n new one. In nuttin flat I was cut'n pipe an' glue'n that stuff together. Damn I work fast....an' that's one good look'n job well done.

Me an' the OFM Barney is gonna meet up at the golf'n place this morn'n. Eat us up some that fine Mexican food after a excit'n round of swak'n golf balls.

I forced my way out of bed to the coffee pot. My god, I think I'm gonna die. Bout 5 hours sleep last night an' my back hurt something fierce.

Bout that no sleep situation. Ya see, I been hav'n a hell of a time find'n parts for the "Alice" build. I freak'n dreamed bout that shit....keep me awake. An' I ain't even decided if'n I'm gonna build the thing or not. We'll be tak'n a break on any new projects until I get me a good nights sleep.

I came [this] close to call'n Barney an' cancel our golf game this morn'n. But that ain't the way I work. I'm gonna swak that golf'n ball so far it gonna take a week to find it. Boy howdy, I sure do hope the "billy jeep" will crank up this morn'n.

Ya see, with the ignition problem I had on "Sally da house" not long ago, I'm now hav'n the same problem.....or I think it is, with start'n the "billy jeep". My god, how do ya change a ignition switch in a freak'n Jeep?

Ok, I got to get ready for a important appointment. I'm gonna try to whoop the OFM, but that's unlikely. He practices. I don't.

See ya laters............... 


  1. Nothing like a little competition to get the ol' juices flowing. Hope you get some rest soon, buddy!

  2. You got a good friend there with The Old Fat Man.

  3. Now thats sounds like you gonna have an exciting day!

  4. Haven't heard any cussin' up this way so I guess you got the jeep started. Have a good game and enjoy that Mexican food.

  5. I'm abettin' an Alice project happens... my money's gonna bloat...whatcha wanna bet. Good to see an early post... means you are out and about and can't help but feel better, out playing' with Barney. Have a good un, Billy Bob.

  6. B.B. over there at that mexican eating place do they have a (plato de beftek ) on there menu ? and if they do how much is that plate ? you know i love mexican food also didn't you ? and if i only had your address over there in sinton tx you might here me knocking on your door at 6:00am so we can go smaking and swaking some of those gulfing balls . but you never ever invited me .

  7. Daddy, love your new Pic on your home page. Get you one of those 3d printers. hoping your back gets better so you can play a bunch of golf and maybe go fishing. Mother doing good but in some pain. been working on basement some. looking to get crusher run for driveway and level you out a spot to put Sally da house. well till next time Love and miss you. Oh, trip to ortho doctor tomorrow, have this thing call bursitis big O'l sack hanging from my elbow.

  8. Ok, gotta ask you, please put names to those in your header pic. I DO know you,,, lol