Friday, January 23, 2015

Update: We have wheels an' tires.......It's a motorhome.....yeee ha!!!

Well shoot, another week shot to hell an' gone. I ain't talk'n bout fun things, I'm talk'n bout clean'n this damn house to look like somebody actually lives in it. 

Just to give ya a idea, the other day, I grabs holt to the broom. I'm gonna sweep an' mop these dad gum dirty floors (mud an' little bitty pieces of grass....Sadie Mae hairs). Do ya know how big a hallway is in a motorhome? That was it, that's what I sweeped.
An' them dishes in the sink. I turn the water heater on, we gonna warsh dishes. Squirt some soap in there an' fill up the dish pan. It's still sit'n there this morn'n.
My desktop....I cain't find it. I know it's there 'cause all this stuff ain't lay'n on the floor.

Ok, I'm up to bout 25 hours of research try'n to find me some wheels an' tires. Now if'n you was to consider how much a big corporation pays some dude to do this, I am up to bout $800 hunnert dollars. There are no wheels an' tires on the internet that will match the wheels an' tires "Alice" had. We look'n at great big ol' 18 wheeler wheels an' tires.

The entire build of the "Alice" project will depend on the diameter of the wheels an' tires I find. So I'm sit'n here twiddl'n my dad gum fingers an' toes.....wait'n. Ya see, I was think'n 18 inches would be a perfect length for a motorhome. That figgers out to a 1:18th scale (1 foot equals 18 feet). Ok, we got that straight...right? That works out to a set of 1 5/8 inches diameter tires just to be close.
Ok, let's forget them tires right now. A couple places in Corpus Christi may have just what I'm look'n for. But I ain't go'n to Corpus Christi today. It's too damn cold outside.....sheesh!!!

I breaked out the printer yesterday an' printed bout a gazillion prints of Alice photos. I ended up with a 1:20 scale print for a template. That's right at 16 inch in length. Measurements was took an' redrawed....I cut that sucker out. "Hey, that looks like "Alice"". As a trial, to see if'n this foam board is gonna work for walls, I cut out the passenger side.

 Well shoot, that ain't right. The back end needs to be extended a bit. I'm think'n I can do that.
I also noticed the back winder is not the correct size. Gotta fix that too.

Ok, we git'n close. That blob ya see up there on the dashboard is a sleep'n Sadie Mae. She's such a good girl. Worthless, but a good girl.

Not much discussion on the freak'n weather this morn'n....it sucks. I 'member a time, I lived in Galveston, Texas. In the winter time, we wore shorts an' tees most all the time. Well, it did get a bit nippy in Jan an' Feb.
This was before global warming, so how comes it was perfect weather? An' Galveston is NOT south Texas. Shit'n ass people make stuff up just so's they can reap the $$$$$$$$$$$$$. Boy howdy I betcha a dollar them people was shit'n in their pants when the ice burgs melted up there in north Texas.
Ok, that should cause a stir amungest the believers. "The old Billy Bob has lost his mind". I'm grin'n ya know.

Ok, it's afternoon already. I got to do something even if'n it ain't right. Now where the hell did I leave the broom? Laters....

Update....ha ha ha, I am the owner of wheels an' tires.

I was sit'n here an' I got to think'n, maybe Hobby Lobby has some them big trucks they got on their website. So's I jumps in the "billy jeep" an' head down the road a piece, bout half ways to Corpus Christi. "MY GOD, Hobby Lobby has got everthing". More construction materials was placed in the cart. Some new hobby blades. An' a 1:25th scale Perterbuilt 359 18 wheeler tractor.

It were but a couple minutes after return'n to "da house", I breaked out them wheels an' tires. Hope they fit.

I'm think'n they gonna work put just fine. But....what do I know bout build a motorhome?


  1. It's much more fun working on Alice than it is house cleaning. I use anything I can think of for an excuse to not get around to cleaning.

    When it comes to global warming, you might be the biggest believer in the country, but you like to stir some shit up now and then :-)

    1. Actually, I'm a firm believer in "mama nature"....and NO, I have yet to find that the planet is warming. But we'll not make this a discussion point.....it's freak'n cold outside.

      Ha to clean'n. We are both made of the same stuff....hate it.

  2. You are doing a good job on that model. Are you going to motorize it so that it can go a hundred mpg down the road?

  3. Thats a pretty good lookin set of wheels, perfect for Alice.