Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I've lost my mind....on a fish'n trip

Today's post is being postponed to a later date.

Ya see, I was sit'n here think'n bout what I was gonna write today an' I took me a look see at some of my past posts an' the results of them posts. I ain't no young feller no more, so I ain't got no excit'n new stuff to write about. I done wrote all about my life up to the present time. My memory has taken off on a fish'n trip to the Louisiana swamps an' left me sit'n here all alone to fend for myself.

Somebody once tole me I talk way too much bout myself an' I shouldn't oughter do that. Now if'n I was to heed to that suggestion, who am I gonna talk about? Anything I got to hide....stays hidden under a big ol' rock. Anything I don't want you to know bout, I ain't gonna tell ya. Everthing else, I don't mind shar'n with ya. Simple as that.

I'm think'n up to the last few years, I've had me a rather excit'n life. Not planned excitement, but "excit'n sceered hell out me". Now who in their right mind would jump into the rag'n currents of the Kern River an' not know the first thing bout how to swim? Have ya ever take a 14 foot john boat three miles off shore in the Gulf of Mexico shark fish'n? Have ya ever walk into a "bad ass" biker bar an' scream out "I can whoop anybody in da house"? I was mean'n a pool game. Ha....that reminds me the time....I was sit'n in a biker bar pour'n down a cool one. The Galveston branch of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club was present. Kind of like the "Hells Angles", but a little less rowdy. This big bearded biker guy struts by my table....chest all pooshed out. He has this little bell on his boot, go'n tinkle tinkle with each step he take. I calls out to him "Hey tinker bell, hows it go'n"....just for the hell of it ya know. Damn, cain't a guy take a joke? You can bet yer bippy I was "excitingly" skeered half to death. Anyways, the next time I see this biker guy, he has the name "tinker bell" sewed on his Bandido vest. Teach him to pooosh out his chest at the old Billy Bob.

Ok....I'm out of here till I figger out what needs to be wrote about. Travels? Not yet. Fish'n? Too cold. Golf'n? Course is wet....an' it too damn cold. A cruise to Port Aransas? Not today. Shop'n? I got everthing I need. Shoot, I aint got nuttin to do. May as well work on a freak'n tug boat.

Speak'n of that tug boat, yes I been do'n some stuff to it. I builded 4 boat davits for the life boats, an' "MY GOD", rig'n them suckers with pulleys an' sew'n string is a sum-a-gun.



  1. 2 life boats? Something I've never thought about...
    The last time I recall actually 'seeing' a tug was when we were flying over the Molokai channel from Oahu, I looked out the window of the helicopter and there was some big water going over the bow of this tug and rolling all the way to the stern. That little boat was going all kinds of up and down!
    I don't recall any lifeboats but this was the late 80's so they were probably inflatable.

  2. I was think'n the same thing Rob....why TWO lifeboats. The crew shouldn't be over bout 6 or 8, an' one them life boats would hold more than that. Let's see, in the engine room, one or two guys shovel'n coal in the boiler, one guy turn'n valves. In the pilot house, there only room for "one" captain maybe a guy to bring him coffee. Kitchen....one cook. A couple guys on deck handl'n ropes. That should just bout do for a tug boat crew. We don't need TWO stink'n life boats.
    By the way, when the Lackawanna sinked in 1915, a cook drowned an' there weren't nobody in the life boats.

    1. Well shoot Rob, I researched. A mate an' the cook drowned. The rest of the crew, 14 men were rescued in the lifeboat.

  3. That tug boat is quickly becoming a work of art.

    I got a gripe with anyone who criticizes what a blogger writes and how he or she writes it. In the first place, ya don't like the writer's style or content, don't read the damn blog!!! We ALL write about ourselves and what we are currently doing (or did in the past), and that's how and why we get to know each other well enough to the point we feel like old friends - even if we've never laid eyes on one another. In the days of getting older and not traveling around so much, it's comforting to think I have blogging friends who read my blog in spite of what I write and how I write it, just as I am comforted by hearing how others are doing. You go on being yourself, Billy Bob! There's plenty of us who want to know every detail about you and your life that you want to share.

  4. Amen to that, Gypsy! I read your blog Billy Bob, to hear about Billy Bob and his goings on - isn't that the title? A world of travel and nonsense? That's what I get visiting with you, my friend, and I enjoy it or I wouldn't come back for more. We have all learned about the pros and cons of back surgery and its options; how to make a good ole cake, and how to scare the living daylights out of a sleeping cat (although that's not one I'll practice). You are the star of your own life and blog, BB, so see ya tomorrow...

  5. Gypsy and Texasann couldn't have said it better...I agree wholeheartedly!

  6. That is quite a life you're living, indeed. With the company of friends and the sea, with the boats that let you bridge a link between those two, what more could you ask for? You should definitely keep that up, and maybe even work towards passing that onto the next generation. Thanks for sharing that, Billy Bob! All the best to you!

    Kent Garner @ White's Marine Center