Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Testing....1, 2, 3

Ok, my god, it's late already. Now I don't know bout anybody else, but I git out of bed any damn time I want to. It was 9:15. An' I had to pee. End of story....be yourself.

I could sit here an' give a detailed description of yesterdays golf'n game with the OFM Barney, but I ain't gonna. It was just a game. Poor scores, lost balls in the little ponds that ya couldn't hit if you was try'n to, an' in the weeds in the out of bounds areas. But it was a perfect day.

But I will tell ya bout a mud bath. Ya see, Barney struck a ball into a area most playes never hit a golf ball. A little ditch what last week was full of water. Barney rares back an' he swak hell out that golf ball.....KAPOOWIE....it go bout 30 yards. Chunks of grass an' mud go fly'n in ever direction. Mostly in the golf cart I'm sit'n in. Me, Barney an' the golf'n cart are covered with a mixture of that mud an' grass.....an' we got us a golf game to finish. All cleaned up, we proceed.

After a long round of golf ball swak'n, bout 4 1/2 hour or so, I was get'n rather on the hungry side. Stomach grow'n up a storm, like a pit bull dog. I got me a #3 on my mind. Enchilada with the best enchilada sauce ya ever tasted, a big ol' taco what would make Taco Bell cringe in despair, one the bestest tostadas I ever taste in my life an' piles of refried beans an' rice. Ya don't go away hungry when ya eat a #3. Then we sit outside an' talk for bout a hour.....normal old fats talk.

While I'm in town, I may as well run down to the auto parts sell'n place an' buy me up some 'friction modifier'. Ha, the auto parts guy knowed exactly what I was talk'n bout.  Ya see, all that noise back there in the "billy jeep", that we attempted to fix in Georgia, is still there. Google is your best friend. Friction modifier is required in a Jeeps rear end. Something to do with "limited slip" differentials. Anyhows, nephew Joseph put that stuff in the rear end. Now all I got to do is drive it....then pray it works to fix the noise. Fingers crossed.

It's OK for men to be depressed. Now "macho" men don't get depressed, they are just "hav'n a bad day". I ain't so much a macho guy, so I get depressed ever once in a while. Today is one them days.....I'm "hav'n me a bad day". I got way too much stuff go'n through my mind that I cain't think of the better things in life. I'm think'n long the lines...."What the hell am I gonna do tomorrow"? Travels. Projects. Health issues. That's what I'm talk'n bout. I have no plans.

Well wait a minute, yes I do have a plan. An' that is to head back up to the golf ball swak'n place tomorrow an' beat hell out of Barney. Now keep in mind, I'm a hunnert year older than Barney, so he has a great advantage over me. You would think he would spot me a few strokes to even the game out, but that ain't the way Barney plays golf. By the way, that ain't the way I play neither. Either ya got it or ya ain't.

For Gypsy. Yes I did cuss yesterday when I went out to start the "billy jeep". You should have heard me. But, it finally started an' I weren't late. Think'n I need to do me some Google research.

Ok, I got to do something. Git out "da house". Fresh air an' sunshine. Don't ya just love it?


Grrrrrrr Google, ya piss me off.....

Third attempt......Grrrrrrr...........

4th attempt,,,,,,,

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  1. Gotcha now!
    Sounds like you having too much fun with OFM Barney.