Monday, January 26, 2015


Well shoot, it's another Monday. Back when I worked for a liv', I weren't all too happy to see a new week start up after a excit'n weekend. But, for the last 12 years of retirement, a new week starts every day.

Yesterdays mention of of my son Robert didn't come out the way I was expect'n. I sure don't like to get all beat up 'cause I kind of sorta like my #1 son. He's the oldest of my 7 kids, so that makes him first (#1)....no mention of "favorite". We got that straight now.....OK?
 But.....could Robert be my favorite out of a whole pile of kids? Well yeah, there's that possibility. Same thing goes with grankids. I have a couple favorites, but I ain't gonna tell ya who they are....or why they are.

I ain't gonna say a bunch bout this "Alice" motorhome project, but I'm gonna tell ya right now, this is gonna be one drawed out project. An' then when it's done, it has absolutely no use at all.

My god, I work on this thing a whole bunch of hours yesterday an' this is all I got.

Ya may notice I am install'n interior walls. See the built in refrigerator in that not yet completed wall?
The entire interior will receive panel'n the same as that little wall. Carpet on the floor? You betcha. I like that. Just like the real Alice.
Ha, doll houses come to mind. 

Much thought has gone into how I'm gonna construct the front end an' the back end. In motorhome talk, they are called front an' back caps. Made out of fiberglass in a mold. Well, I ain't got no mold an' ya know what that means...I got me some intricate work ahead of me.

 This is what I'm talk'n bout. Have ya ever build a set of chrome bumpers out of wood??

Holy crap, I waked up to a hot "inside Sally da house" this morn'n. Ya see, when I finally got out "that chair" at right bout 3am last night, I forgot to turn the heaters down when I headed off to bed. I swear, I love this weather.

Now, bout supper last night. Me an' this Weber grill is gonna have a go around. Ya see, I defrosted a couple pork steaks for supper....an' a baked tater. I fire up the grill on high so's I can get me some char. Ya gotta love char. Anyhows, the pork steaks was over cooked (dry). An' that baked tater.....it was like mush. But the corn I heated up on the stove was perfect. A very good meal if'n I do say so myself.
Speak'n of the Weber grill. George grills his chicken bout two hours "low an' slow" an' it comes out perfect. I grill my chicken bout 30 minutes an' it come out "on fire"....black. 

Ok, gonna cut this short.....I got things to do. Ha ha....warsh some dishes. Sweep the floor. Take the trash out before I git maggots.    



  1. Monday? I found that at some point in my life Monday's were only important is Tuesday was garbage day.

  2. "I grill my chicken bout 30 minutes an' it come out "on fire"....black. "

    jajajajajajaja :D

    I love all the detail work you are putting into Alice...no doubt it will be a beauty.

  3. I was wondering how you are going to do that front bumper. I know you will figure out how to do it. You are one smart, innovative guy! You proved that by even having the idea to make Alice. Then you are proving it again by how you are going about the project. Fun for you to do, and fun for us to read about!! Keep it up!

  4. While moderation doesn't appear to be one of the strong suits in the Billy Bob "Deck'O'Cards" (pat. pending), perhaps a lower temperature for grilling the chicken is called for. If, like my wife, you can not abide even the slightest hint of blood in your chicken, debone it first, which cuts 10 to 15 minutes of cooking time off the top. Save the BBQ sauce until the chicken is almost done and your char will be more like a well-regulated browning. Or not. I like char on steaks with bloody rare meat. Your mileage will vary. Mylar foil over balsa wood looks pretty close to chrome when making bumpers. I look forward to the continuing adventures of Plastic Alice. You have a winner in that one.

  5. Alice looking mighty fine gonna be a winner!
    My Weber Q high for 14 minutes then low and slow, lid closed, 90 minutes to 2 hours depends on the size and outdoor temp.
    Medium baked Tater about 1 hour on low as well, rune over 1/2 way through, perfect, cripsy on the outside yummy inside.
    Not sure whats happening there ?

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  7. Oops, wrong comment tonight. Looks like I need a rebooting w/a necessary nap, BB. Missed my afternoon siesta.

  8. I think George has a mutant Weber, I tried the "low and slow" method and ended up with meat you could resole boots with, or shingle the outhouse. I now use foil and a trivet, lowest heat setting, and a good meat thermometer with remote readout, stick it in the thickest part, set for 165 F, and when the alarm goes off, get it out. Roasts, pork and chicken are perfect now, tender and moist.