Saturday, January 17, 2015

Do I or don't I.....build a Alice

Yikes boy howdy, did I sleep or did I sleep? Some closed eye time was spent yesterday, but at no time did I have me a restful nap. The mind was filled with visions of a new project.
But anyhows, at 1:30am I hit the sack think'n...."if I can only git me 6 hours of restful sleep, Saturday will be a good day". The 6 hours passed. Then 7, an' then 8. It was time to roll out of bed (10:15). My eyes are all crookit an' I cain't walk straight, an' I got to pee like a sum-a-gun. I feel like shit.

While I was sit'n round yesterday between a little housework an' a few trips round the yard (it was 72 degs), I got to think'n bout "Alice". I had a deep heart felt attachment with Alice. We was in love. Although she was a bit on the ugly side, had a drink'n problem (6.8 MPG), we hanged together through thick an' thin. Had we walk down the aisle an' say our "I do's" for the rest our life, there would be no "Sally da house". You know how that works, a streamlined younger motorhome makes her appearance.....the older gal walks the plank. That's life.

Think'n bout this "build Alice" project, I got myself just a bit on the excitis side. I can do this I bet ya a dollar. My god, if'n I can build a freak'n airplane, a sternwheeler river boat an' a dad gum tug boat, I can build a model motorhome. Did I ever tell ya bout the time....I used to build model train sets? Two HO gauge sets an' one "N" gauge set. You talk bout a expensive hobby....let me tell ya.  

A Walmart special spiral notebook is broke out an' some draw'ns are scribbled down. I searched the internet for measurements, layouts an' photos of Tiffin Open Road motorhomes. Very few photos were found. But I did find a site with all the building materials you could ever hope for. More sites were researched to find a possible chassis (that's the wheels an' frame). Not many choices were found in the model truck sections. *think'n a trip to Toys R Us is in order*

There will be no more discussion on this project until another time. It's still on the draw'n board an' thoughts of "do I really want to do this"? I'm sure YOU will be the first to know.

What started out to be a perfect day, is fall'n apart. Clouds have covered up my beautiful sunshine an' a slight wind has kicked up. The temp is 69 degs. In case you're wonder'n George ( Our Awesome Travels ) , I'm right there with ya. The snow is beautiful. Ya could go outside an' build a snowman an' post a pic of your creation ya know.

I sure have been want'n to go to the golf course an' swak me a few golf'n balls. The next good day for that is Tuesday, an' guess what, the course is closed on Tuesdays.

Bout that apple pie what sucks. I got half a piece left. That will be my breakfast/lunch today. Maybe with a "very berry" pancake an' a couple over easy eggs. I don't eat breakfast ya know, but I do eat lunch.....usually a breakfast. You did know that you can make delicious pancakes out of muffin mix....right?

Bout that big ol' pot of beef stew soup. It come out pretty dad gum good. But I'm think'n Sadie Mae an' them cats out there is gonna help me finish it off. Ain't no way I'm gonna eat that stuff for 5 days in a row. Damn, why do I always make too freak'n much? Oh....did you know that if'n ya cook chunks of meat in a pressure cooker for over 45 minutes, you can take yer teeth out an' eat it like marshmellers? Next time, 30 minutes will be tops.

Ok, I got to git off'n my dead ass an' do something. This old stuff of sit'n all day has got to cease. My buttocks is got blisters. Not really, but you know what I'm talk'n bout. Laters.....

After bout 19 hours, I find out todays post did not show up. That's there are no comments.
So....we gonna try to fix it. Will also repost again tomorrow....just for hell of it ya know.

That didn't work....let's try this

Ok, one more try......damn!!!


  1. Breakfast is one of those meals that can be eaten at any time of the day, I'm thinking. Makes a better lunch than some other stuff.

    Beef stew sure does sound good! Guess I need to make me up some.

  2. I read your post very soon (3pm my time) after your posted date of 12:46 pm. What do you mean 19 hours? It's only been a short time ago. Egad, I'm totally confused.

    1. I like confus'n people Sissy. You should know that be now.
      !9 hours could be nywheres fron 1 hour all the ways up to 24 hours. Kind of like a hunnert mile a hour.

  3. We like to eat breakfast at noon too. Perfect timing after a busy morning and a pot of coffee.
    Not sure about the snowman, but if the weather temps and snow is right will build one for ya Billy Bob.
    You will know!

  4. B.B. your blogs are beginning to be way too confus'n for me to understand anything anymore .
    for approx.30 minutes today the temperature got up to 80°f , just thought you'd like to know .

    1. Had ya beat there Louie. It got up to 82 degs at "da house" with the door an' winders wide open.

      If my post are confus'n to ya Louie, I'm think'n you are read'n too fast. Take yer time, ya got all day.

  5. well daddy glad you got you some sleep you most likely needed it after yesterday. So thinking about a new project, if you can't find a kit, make your own, just saying. I think you should have got them shoots in your back. a little longer and you could have been pain free for awhile. can't believe the temp in south Texas, temp here today sunny about 58 well needed after the winter blue days. Okay love you Oh yeah I miss you as well... Til next time

    1. Thank's for drop'n by Robert. So good to hear how "yo mama" is do'n with her knee surgery.

      There are no such things as model motorhome kits. It has to be builded from scratch. Pics is all I got to go with, so it may be a little off on measurements. With my pics an' a printer, I should be able to be very very close.
      Love ya an' miss you tell'n me what I should do. Grrrrrrrr......to them damn shots.

  6. "Oh....did you know that if'n ya cook chunks of meat in a pressure cooker for over 45 minutes, you can take yer teeth out an' eat it like marshmellers?"

    I loved your post today Billy Bob you sure do know how to make your audience laugh but the above quote made me lose it....jajajajajaja :D

  7. If you can take your teeth out and still eat easily, that's good cookin'!!