Monday, January 5, 2015

Critters make good pets...except'n for turtles

He hee heee....it worked. See what I was talk'n bout....everbody likes dogs. Big dogs too. Cats not so much.

I probly rekon in my life time, I've been owned by as many cats as I have owned dogs. Ya see what I did there??? Owned. But dogs an' cats ain't the only pets that prowl this earth. Some people got big ol' birds caged up in there house...."Their house Billy Bob, their house, not there house". An' they teach them birds to say cuss'n words an' stuff like that. Have ya ever been bit by a big ol' foul mouth cuss'n parrot? It's band aid time. I know from experience.

One my first pets that I recall, was a chicken. Some of ya may remember that chicken, I tole the story bout a hunnet times. We ate that chicken....or I suppose we did. I've had me all kinds of critters as pets throughout my life time. Some weren't good choices. Like that dad gum monkey what would bite hell out me. One such critter was a freak'n dumb ass turtle when I was just a youngster. I ain't talk'n one them little things ya put in a fish tank from the Five an' Dime, I'm talk'n a big turtle. But we ain't gonna get into that right now. Turtles suck. But anyhows.....if'n ya ain't got no pets, you ain't liv'n. *think'n I'm gonna get me a beat'n for say'n that*

You know, I could have gone to Florida....right? It was just a short trip from Atlanta to warm temps an' sunshine down there in Florida. I could have been sit'n on the beach this morn'n look'n at bikinis....chicka babies, hoochi coochi wimmins. But where is the old Billy Bob at? Sit'n on his ass in freez'n cold south Texas....do'n nuttin. Well, it ain't really all THAT bad. It's 64 degs out there an' nuttin but soothing sunshine shin'n down on "da house". I rekon if'n I was want'n to, I could run over to Post Aransas an' do the tourist thing....pick up my mail, some cheap smokes an' maybe head on down to the beach....look'n at bikinis....chicka babies, hoochi choochi wimmins. That's still on my "to do" list ya know. But, accord'n to the weather forecasters, this is yet more than a week off....or more.

Is the old Billy Bob happy since he's been back in Texas? You bet yer (sweet) bippy I am. (Rowan an' Martin's Laugh-In, an NBC-TV comedy series, 1968-1973). Anybody remember that show? When I left Georgia, 'cause of the weather, I was think'n I would be all grouchy an' stuff here at "El Rancho Abraham's RV Resort". But I ain't. I'm very comfortable. Although, I would love to wake up each morn'n to the sounds of the roll'n waves, sea gulls scream'n, big ships pass'n right outside my door....an' warm'n sunshine. That's the way it used to be before "global warming" brought all this cold ass weather to south Texas. I remember too many Decembers an' Januarys wear'n nuttin but shorts, tees an' flip flops on the beach. But look out for Febuarys....two weeks of winter in the 40's at night an' 60's dur'n the day. I should a been a scientist. Be roll'n in dough over this global warm'n stuff. Note: I have yet to be convinced we are all gonna die when the earth is covered over with water. 

Ok, me an' nephew Frank been sit'n here jaw'n for the last couple hours. Now I done forget what I was gonna say. So, this is it for another excit'n day. Laters....



  1. what beach is your favorite florida beach do you love the best for sitting back soaking in the sun and watching all those bikinis....chicka babies, hoochi coochi wimmins B.B. ? how far is it to key west from where you are now B.B. . i sure would love to follow your blog on an adventure to key west . that would be so much fun reading from you that kind of exciting as H**L .

  2. hi again B.B. ! i am all excitis thinking about you taking all of us ( your readers ) on an adventure to key west , mapquest tells me it it only 1535 miles from sinton tx , and there will be no passport needed and they mostly all can speak english . i can not hardly wait . apparently they have all kinds of golf courses , fishing spots , crazy bikinis....chicka babies, hoochi coochi wimmins running around all over the place.

  3. Florida can be warmer but to crowded and too expensive for what we like to do, but could be an option.