Friday, January 30, 2015

"Are you sure you wanna do this"???

From time to time I ask myself...."are you sure you wanna do this"? This can be applied to most anything I "modify" or take a hanker'n to build. Some things I modify or build, there is absolutely no good reason in the world that I would do so. Remove perfectly good carpet an' replace it with dark walnut flooring. Then cover up part of the flooring with cheap vinyl flooring. Remove a perfectly good oak table an' replace it with a desktop made out of old pallets. Remove a seldom used couch an' replace it with a very very comfortable recliner. Installing shelves in closets where most people hang clothes. These were all "comfort" items. Nobody needs that much comfort.

Then there's the "I can build this" side of me. An' to prove my point, I jump in hand an' foot. Have ya ever created a piece of art out of a old 3 wheel golf'n cart?

 I never in my lifetime had ever drawed up plans for a porch an' builded it to plan. In Deming, New Mexico, I did just that. It served me well an' still stands to this day. God I loved "da porch".

Then there's my model build'n. It's a hobby ya know, so costs are not a issue. Kind of like catch'n "free" fish....cost is no issue.
The sternwheeler "Chaperon" was the first expensive model boat I ever builded. You wouldn't believe it if'n I tole ya. It was a kit....all parts laser cut. All wood construction. One year from start, it is still not completed.

I've always wanted a tug boat. The closest I could come, was a model. Also expensive as far as models go. It is a kit. Made of ABS an' PVC plastic. I completed this sucker in right bout 3 months. Too easy of a build.
See header photo.....ain't she beautiful?

Now I got the hair to build a model of "Alice", my first motorhome. Why I don't know. See above...."are you sure you wanna do this"? There are no model kits to build a motorhome. This is a scratch build. Without any plans or measurements. Boy howdy, I sure am glad I passed math in skool (millimeters, centimeters, inches....calculator an' rulers). Damn, I should'a been a engineer. All I have is photos to go by. I ain't never done nuttin like this before, an' I ain't sure I want to ever do it again. Ya see, stuff ain't fit'n right. It don't look right....but I took care most that stuff.

As promised to George last night, here is a photo of the "ivory" painted rear cap an' the beginning of the front cap.

On more than one occasion....bout 4 or 7, I measured the Alice model to see if'n it would fit in the trash can.
Oh, did I mention I know how to build airplanes also? Damn thing ain't see no sky yet after all these years (built 2004). But I still got it, stored in the basement compartments.
 "One day airplane, I'm gonna fly you".

I bought a freak'n pie. Marie Callenders Dutch Apple Pie. Well let me tell ya bout this pie.....it sucks. I throwed it in the oven just like the instructions said....put the crumbles on, baked some more. Then I let it cool. Damn, that's a good look'n pie. I cut into it. What the hell???.....it's apple soup. All runny an' stuff. There ain't no such thing as "apple soup". Well, there is at Billy Bob's house. But it tastes pretty good. Sometimes Walmart pisses me off. Where the hell is Mrs Smiths apple pie?


  1. If you can find them at Wal Mart try the Claim Jumper brand.

  2. Billy Bob those caps are looking amazing, thanks for the pics.

  3. The tugboat is a beauty! I'd say you can build anything to decide to.

  4. Thanks for all the pictures of your past and present projects.

    The picture of your New Mexico porch reminded me of "Old Blue Eyes"...hope he is doing well.