Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Simple chili.....less than a hour

Ok, for ya non-cookers out there. I ain't got nuttin else to write about this morn'n, so's it may as well be a train'n session in cook'n a reasonably good pot of chili. This ain't gonna be no award win'n chili, but it's easy an' will satisfy most anybody's taste buds.  Even south Texans.....home of real Tex-Mex Mexican food.

Go to Walmart for the ingredients. Although, you can purchase them at most any large grocery chain.

1. 2 pounds of ground beef.
Must be 80/20 for the taste giving fat content. Note: Never drain off the fats in a pot of chili.

2. A big ol' yeller onion. It must be yeller.
This will be cut in half an' diced (bout 1/3 cup). The other half can be tossed in the trash can. Or, you could use a smaller onion.

3. One can of diced maters an' one can of mater sauce.
It make no matter what brand you buy....a mater is a mater.
4. Three packages of McCormick chili seasoning.
It's a must that you purchase McCormick, otherwise you ain't gonna like your chili.

5. One can of Bushes Chili beans.
Beans in chili is a filler, nuttin more than that. DO NOT....never ever....place kidney beans in a pot of chili, ya ain't gonna like it. It must be nuttin but pinto beans...there's a law bout that ya know, an' Bushes Chili Beans IS pintos.

Ok, let's brew up a pot of easy to make chili. Are ya listen'n MsB???
Put you some oil in your pot. Bout 4 tablespoons full will be just fine. Enough so's the meat don't stick an' burn slap up. Crank the heat up an' start cook'n that 80/20 hamburger meat. Break it up to your own preference. At this time, it's a must, ya gotta do it....add salt an' pepper. Cook'n laws ya know.
When it's bout half cooked....you can tell by look'n at it, add that chopped half a onion. Cook some more, but 8 1/2 minutes be just fine to caramelize them onions...stir'n that stuff from time to time.

It's now time to add the remain'n ingredients, but they must be added in the following order. Maters first. Let it cook some more, like bout 5 minutes or so. Add one can of water at this time, or enough to cover the meat an' maters. Bring it back to a nice boil an' drop the heat to a slow boil. Don't forget this stuff has got to be stirred quite offen.

Open two of them three McCornick chili season packs an' slowly add 'em to the mix. Stir'n all the while ya know. At this point, we have us a pot of chili what can be eat just like it is....but not yet. We gonna add some beans. There's also a rest period that must be adhered to.

Before rest, let's throw in that can of Bushes Chili Beans just for the hell of it. Real chili ain't got no beans ya know, but this one does. Stir it up some more. Give it a taste test. Can ya taste the maters? If not, put ya some that mater sauce in it. Be'n careful not to add too much. Bout half a can will suffice. More water can be added at this time to meet your preference of "soupyness". The addition of water will determine how much more mater sauce an' chili season'n is added....a little at a time. Taste it. Before ya forget, stir it.

Ok, we get'n close now. Crank up the heat again to a nice boil, but no more than a few minutes. Stir it. Taste it. Does it taste something like chili? If not, begin add'n some more of that last pac of McCormick until your taste buds are happy.  
Now it has got to rest. Not for 5 minutes, but for a freak'n hour or so.
Yum Yum, eat 'em up MsB !!!!
Please note, this is NOT "Billy Bob South Texas Chili".

I was plumb ass sick yesterday. Ya see, for lunch, I ate me up a left over big ol' bout half pound hamburger patty from the night before. No I didn't leave it sit'n on the stove overnight. Toasted bread, mayo an' a couple thick chunks of Colby cheese....an' some pickles, an' a bunch of Doritos. An' a glass of ice cold milk to warsh it down. That make me sleepy....an' sick like a dog. Alka Seltzer to the rescue....three times before the day is finished. But this morn'n, I feel like a hunnert dollar bill.

Last night I got to think'n. My think'n is headed off in the wrong direction again. I was let'n these "winter blues" an' family stress get to me. This old age an' cain't do nuttin no more get's to me too. But this morn'n, I feel like a hunnert dollar bill. But only after beat'n myself up for the last hour or so. I still have no future plans.

Only thing I done to that tug boat was to repaint that little extra lifeboat. Dang, it looks like a little lifeboat.

Now then, bout the black string on the mast rigg'n. Think'n it may stay black. Sure do wish there was some boat build'n hobbyist read'n this so's they could give me some pointers. Don't nobody got no hobbies???

For Sissy. The tug boat is 34 inches long an' 6 1/2 inches wide. The Mississippi sternwheeler sit'n above it is 36 inches long an' 9 inches wide. Both are 48/1 scale or something like that.

Ok, we go'n on to bout 3 hours or so of internet time. "Sheesh Billy Bob, git yerself a life".  



  1. Now that sounds like one tasty chili, think I just might whip up a batch.
    Them boats looking pretty good.

  2. The chili sounds real good. I can't make it though, because I couldn't eat more than 1 or 2 bowls of it. Unless it can be frozen, I'd have way too much left over.

    BB, that boat is awesome, and you are an artist!

    1. Gypsy, use 1 pound of hamburger instead of two. Cut everthing else in half.
      Yes it can be frozen, but frozen beans take on a new meaning.

  3. Looking at both boats, all I can say is "Wow!" They are beautiful. The light through the windows sure looks nice. It takes an artist to do work as well as yours. Yes sir, you do be an artist....in my book.

    1. Did I ever tell ya bout the time....I built the first Ford Ranchero two years before Ford Motor Company??? A model.

  4. I'm listening Billy Bob :D

    So what you are saying is I have buy ground meat and not ground chili meat? Probably go into town tomorrow to buy the ingredients and give it a whirl. Will let you know how it turns out. Thanks for the recipe.

    1. If you can get the course grind hamburger meat, all the better. Make sure it's 80/20.
      Ha, the recipe is on the back of the McCornick chili seasoning pacs. Make it just like that.

    2. Oh no, wait a minute. Make it just like I tole you.....you will like it.

    3. jajajajajaja....you are a trip Billy Bob :D

  5. Your boats are works of art, BillyBob, and I'm sure your chili is, too. But as a 5th generation Texan, there are NO beans of any kind in my chili, no matter what kind of meat I put in it. So, Gypsy, if BB's beans are just a filler and you need a smaller batch, try just leaving the beans out. Will change the flavor a little bit, but you might like it better, and it will be tastier after frozen and thawed. Just sayin' .....

  6. good morning Daddy, the tug looks great!!! sorry I haven't wrote or called. No excuses. I did tried to call you about 2 wk ago. but you know that too. you might want to get your phone checked. lol...
    So the winter blues got you, they suck. cold and rainy weather. Sure do miss you being here. Every time I go to mothers and I pass Bojangles I think of you, getting you big O bacon,egg biscuit. sorry to hear about your back ,Hip pain, hope it gets better.
    It's been cold and rainy here, just last week it was cooold 10 deg at 3am. working in temps like that sucks. I believe you can relate to that ( W,Va) . Till next time I Love and miss you...

  7. Sure we have hobbies. But, since they aren't boat building hobbies they aren't going to help you.

    I agree, there are no beans in chili. Stop before you add those. In reality, there is no meat in chili either but who wants that?