Friday, January 9, 2015

More of the same....cold weather an' nonsense

What a difference a day makes. I've heard that somewheres before......a movie??? Or was it a Roy Rogers song?

When I waked up this morn'n, I look out the winders. What the hell ??? It's rain'n, there ain't no sunshine an' it looks just like winter. It's 40 degs out there. That right there is enough to make anybody want to jump right back in bed under the covers. My feet are cold, my freak'n back hurts, I got me a sour disposition.....poor Sadie Mae got yelled at, an' I just don't give a shit this morn'n. I'll attempt to keep that to myself so's nobody else read'n this don't catch it too. Dang I hate days like this.

Now yesterday was different. I feeled good all day long. I even had me some thoughts run through my head of "a trip". Apparently "mama nature" made today a dreary day just to show me how stipit it is to think bout "a trip". The one place I want to go an' would like to be dur'n the winter cold, is no different than what I got right here. Cold, rainy, no sunshine an' nasty as hell.

I see the OFM Barney moved down the road a piece to Falcon Lake in way down south Texas. I been watch'n Falcon Lake, an' as far as I'm concerned, it's still too early to be boondock'n down that way. My god, I would freeze slap to death. Barney also posted a pic of my last camp'n site at the Community Park in Falcon Heights. Somebody needs to mow my yard. Then he talked to my trees. Ain't nobody talks to trees.....sheesh! I hope the weather changes down there so's Barney can do the things he went there to do. Mess with my 14 pounds bass fish Barney an' we gonna have a little talk.

In the mean time, I got to think of something to do. It ain't that I don't have nuttin to do, it's just that I ain't been do'n nuttin. It's easy to sit here an' think of a gazillion things to do, but to get off'n my ass an' do 'em....I ain't figger that'un out yet.

Now, get'n back to the new rules in Texas. Talk'n vehicle safety inspections an' registrations. The "billy jeep" is due in January. This means I cain't be off in another state come inspection an' registration time. "Sally da house" is due in September. This means I cain't be off in another state come inspection an' registration time. This affects those two months for any out of state travels. All I got to say bout these new rules is Grrrrrrrrrr...!!!! Maybe enough full time RV'ers will complain an' the State of Texas will give us some slack.

Have ya ever make too much soup? It's go'n into the third day an' I still got half a pot of that soup. It tastes just fine, but I'm not want'n soup again today. Now, for people talk'n bout freez'n soup, I don't do that. Ever time I take a bag of froze soup out the freezer, heat it up, it ain't no good no more. This is from 40 years of experience freez'n leftovers, so don't be say'n I don't freeze it right. I mean, like sheesh....what's the right way to freeze soup?

Well shoot, I was all excitis, pat'n myself on the back an' stuff like that, for fix'n that "red light'n" water heater. Yeee Haa, I fix a water heater. A couple days ago, that sum-a-gun red light come on. Ok, I know the rules, ya don't leave a water heater burn'n 24 hours a day in a RV. Ya turn that sucker off. A simple click of a switch an' it's off. Not only do you save on propane, the red light don't never come on. In a RV it take right at 15 minutes to heat up to bout 140 degs, what the hell do ya need hot water for while you're sound asleep in bed? That's the way I look at it anyhows.

No work has been done on that tug boat. Not that I haven't thought bout it. But shoot, my desktop is a total disaster with junk lay'n all over the place. Why is there a 12 inch crescent wrench, a skill saw an' a bunch of screwdrivers lay'n on my desktop? Dang, I need to do me some house clean'n.

Ok, that's all the nonsense I can think of this morn'n. I'm out of here. See ya tomorrow with more of the same.


  1. I don't own a Skil saw, but I have screw drivers and hammers all over the place. Can't ever find one when I need it though.

    Dreary weather isn't good but hopefully you'll be warm and sunny soon and can think about going someplace. Dang, the state of Texas says you'd better stay where you are! It's overcast and dreary here, and I'm still in pj's at almost Noon -- trying to gather all the crap laying all over my house and find a place for it or throw it away. How can one person make such a mess? You know what I'm talking about.

  2. I bet that soup tastes really good.

    1. Ha Dizzy....if'n that soup tasted REALLY good, there wouldn't be this much left.

  3. There's no law that says you have to wait until the inspection is due to be renewed. If you want to pay the money, you could get a new one anytime you want. As long as ya'll been after that 14lb fish, he might be large enough by now to eat your boat!

  4. Hi. There's something that puzzles me, Billy Bob. I live in Texas. A couple of weeks ago my husband discovered---thanks to a cop!---that his inspection sticker was out. Since July, no less. The cop did not give him a ticket, but he got his van inspected that day. My license tag is up in January. I have ordered it online, and received verification that it is on its way. How come I have not heard anything from any source about this new way of doing things? Your blog is the only place I have heard of it. Could you tell me where you found out??? Thanks. And stay warm. We are COLD!!

    1. Just Google DMV....that's where I learned it. After March, vehicles will no longer have a inspection sticker on the windshield. It will be on the computer. To register the vehicle, you MUST be in the computer with a valid inspection before registration will be issued.
      I do registrations online, but with the new rules, I have to return to Texas for an' inspection.
      That's as clear as I can make it.

  5. Keep warm there, only 16 overnight here in with wind chills below zero. Back how temp is degrees before the wind chill, Yep I gonna be froze to death come sunday.
    Things will warm up there soon for ya.
    I have frozen soup for years even in the restaurant, good zip lock bag, let the air out make as flat as possible then good for a few weeks or so.

    1. Maybe that's why my froze soup sucks. I leave it in the freezer....same way you do, for a few months.
      I feel for ya headed north......Brrrrrrrr

  6. I also live in south texas B.B. and I have many R.V. friends and i never heard anything about your new laws in texas .i would like to see this law and where to find it as well . thank-you B.B. ps just got back from warm mexico .

  7. This might help: http://www.txdps.state.tx.us/RSD/VI/twoStepsOneSticker4Insp.pdf
    Confuses me, if you live there you might understand it.

  8. This pretty much explains vehicle inspection an' registration in Texas....

  9. Thanks!! I did google Texas DMV. The thing is called the Texas Two Step. There is an explanation of what to do if you are a part time resident with an RV. I copied and pasted to my notepad.

    Special Circumstances

    Out of State Motorists

    If your vehicle is out of state and you are unable to complete a Texas vehicle inspection in order to renew your registration, you will be able to self-certify that the vehicle is out of state and will be permitted to register. The self-certification process will be limited to:
    •Active duty military
    •Full-time students
    •Seasonal Texans, RV’ers
    •Apportioned vehicles
    •Elected Congressional officials

    You will be able to renew your registration using self-certification online, by mail or in-person. Please contact your county tax office for more information about their requirements for out-of-state registration renewal. To find the contact information for your county of residence, please visit the TxDMV website.

    If you renew your vehicle registration using the out-of-state self-certification option, a remark will be placed on your vehicle record indicating that an inspection is still due. Once you return to the state, you must complete a Texas vehicle inspection within three days of arrival at your home, duty station, or destination. It is very important that you keep the VIR issued after completing your inspection in case you are stopped by law enforcement before the remark is removed from your vehicle record, which takes about 48 hours. The remark will only be removed upon payment of the state’s portion of the inspection fee and verification of a current, passing inspection.

    Looks like you will be able to handle it! Thanks again. Now I know what to expect. I think it crazy that this hasn't been announced to the general public!!!

  10. Solve soup situation; make less Soup. Less means little waste.