Sunday, January 11, 2015

Tug boat look'n good.....Oh Yeah!!!

I suppose today is gonna be "another one them days". It's been sprinkle rain for the last two days an' colder an' hell out there. Not so bad this morn'n at 53 degs. But the ground is sop'n wet....mud puddles an' stuff like that. That makes for a change in plan for tomorrow, Monday. Golf ball swak'n is no longer on the agenda.
"My god, I see sunshine"......yeeee haw!!!!

About housework. My god, "Sally da house" look like the city dump before they bulldoze all that stuff underground. It's warm enough today that I may just do something bout that. God I hate warsh'n dishes.

I was sit'n here yesterday an' got to think'n bout that tug boat. "Let's paint the lifeboat davits black". I break out some painters tape an' start mask'n off the red cabin sides, leav'n only them tiny pieces of brass tubing exposed. Don't want no black paint on the red paint ya know. I painted the brass tubing black....but only on the cabin sides. There is no way in hell I'm gonna try to paint the tops sides of them boat davits. From my house, they look just fine brass colored.

Then I figgered I would build the winch for the anchors an' big ol' ropes. Along with something to tow stuff....that black tow'n thingy. All tug boats have these ya know. 

Here's the other one them tow'n thingys. Look'n pretty good if'n I do say so myself. 
That all I did on the tug boat yesterday. In bout 6 hours or so. Life is good when ya got a tug boat to work on.

Ok, that soup is got to go. I ain't eat'n no more that stuff. Think'n I might just throw it in a zipper bag an' freeze what's left. But I know how that works out, it will still end up in the dumpster. I bet ya a dollar, the next time I make a big ol' pot of any kind of soup, that pot is gonna be only half full. That would be right at a gallon.

I got me a terrible problem an' don't know how to handle it. Ya see, since I been back in Texas, I've been abandoned by my family, left to fend for myself. No phone calls. No emails. No nuttin. I know what it is, but I ain't chang'n my way of life to fit theirs....to do what they say to do. I'll cuss if'n I want to. I'll eat what I want to. I'll sleep as long as I want to. It's MY life, not theirs to do as they say.

I'm think'n when it's warm enough, I'll make me a trip back to Georgia an' take them kids out behind the barn an' have me a talk with 'em. Gives me something to ponder on while I freeze my ass off an' work on that tug boat in south Texas.

I had me a really nice time in Georgia this last summer. Kids an' grandkids in an' out all hours of the day. Build'n stuff. Fix'n "Sally da house". Sit'n round tell'n stories....drink'n up a cup. It's a year I'll never forget. But, "shit kids an' grandkids, I'm still alive".

Ok, I got stuff to do. Damn I hate warsh'n dishes.


  1. Getting about time to float that boat, isn't it?

  2. Sometimes we just don't want to do what we probably should do, and sometimes we like to take risks. Tell me our kids and grandkids don't take risks. Just because we're getting old doesn't mean we have to sit around in an old folks' home. I hope I die while I'm doing something fun, that I shouldn't be doing. You go, Billy Bob!

  3. I was thinking before that those brass 'thingees' give your tug boat a 'Touch of Elegance'. You must figure out a solution for the dish-washing-dreads. I hate doing dishes too. Maybe we both need a maid? Yeah, ha ha. And I got so much shit I can't move, yet just came home with some more "bargains" from Hancock Fabrics. I love getting a bargain! So good you were able to spend lots of time with family; living in solitude sucks.

  4. this Anonymous and above is Sissy.

  5. Now that's one fine looking boat.
    My kids and grandkids never does contact me at all, cause they don't like us moving around all the time too.
    But like you said Its my life and live it for me, cause nobody else will.
    Well things are a little different right now.

  6. Heck, mine both live here in town, and i rarely see or hear from them. Youd think they would check on their ol mother sometimes, wouldnt ya?