Saturday, January 24, 2015

It's a build....we gonna build a motorhome

Man boy howdy, what the hell is go'n on? It was 5:30 this morn'n before I headed off to bed. Then I couldn't go to sleep. I'm think'n today is gonna be a very depressing day.

If you are uninterested in hear'n bout "how to build a motorhome", I suggest you stop read'n right now. This is what I'm do'n an' I'm gonna talk bout it. 

It was cold when I jump in the "billy jeep". I'm go'n to Hobbly Lobby. Go take a look see ya know. I spend $57 on stuff. Stuff to build a model, from scratch, of my first motorhome "Alice". Named by "first mate" Vickie Lynn. Man boy howdy, I could tell ya some stories bout this girl.
Anyways, I bought a truck. The wheels an' tires will determine the scale I will use for the Alice build. It turns out to be 1:25 scale....give or take. Just a tad under the original thought of "18 inches would be a perfect length" (17 1/2 inches)....give or take.

Now build'n the sides for a motorhome ain't so bad. Ya see, motorhomes have flat sides. With the new construction material, the two sides have been....calculated, measured an' cut out. Wheels an' tires were assembled, the truck frame modified for motorhome use an' I'm happy like a lark with the results. "Ya gotta paint the frame Billy Bob". Pics later of a painted frame.

Now, we have some problems. Us'n a 18 wheeler truck in this construction project, some items will not be the same as what was on Alice. Like the motor. Alice had a Chevy 454 V-8 motor an' a Peterbuilt has a 6 cylinder diesel engine. The only reason I'm gonna install a diesel engine in this project is so's I can hook up the drive shaft. But, you will never see that it's not a Chevy 454 V-8. Shoot, I've always wanted a diesel powered motorhome anyhows....now I gonna have one. Pics of the engine later.

Now, there is the possibility I will drop off of the Alice project today an' warsh some dishes an' sweep the dad gum floor again. But I ain't gonna bet a weeks salary on that silly idea. The tug boat is sit'n over there want'n the rigging replaced with string what looks more like rope.  That's a possibility too. Be'n retired, I have many many choices to make myself happy.

Oh my god, let me tell ya bout some smoke. I grill cook my pizza ya know, an' ya gotta watch it very closely so's it don't catch afire. Anyhows, I was sit'n here work'n on the above mentioned project, an' I says....."Oh crap, that pizza been on the grill for 45 minutes. I open the door an' "my god, my Weber grill is on fire"....smok'n like a sun-a-gun. The other half of that pizza was removed from the freezer an' placed on the grill. For no more than 15 minutes. It come out perfect (Eat yer heart out Pizza Hut). Sadie Mae just loves slap burned up pizza.

It's a beautiful day here in south Texas. The cold front has passed an' we look'n at some nice temps for bout a week. I mean, what's not to like bout 70 deg tamps, sunshine an' slight breezes? I got me some winders slid open an' the door latched wide open. Cain't beat this with a stik.
I'm think'n I can smell a golf'n game right around the corner.  



  1. Projects in the air. You have more energy than I have. I just wanna sleep.

  2. Heck, you have the weather I've been dreaming about. Send some of it my way please.

    I am shocked that a Peterbilt has a 6 cyl. diesel engine. I would have thought it would be 8 cyl. for sure. But what do I know about big ol' trucks. My F-350 had an 8 cyl diesel, and I loved that truck! I sure wish I still had it but when I sold my 5th wheel I didn't need that much truck any more. I'm still cryin' over letting it go.

  3. Now you gonna make a beautiful Alice I am sure, lookin' good so far. Wishe we had some of that warm wether here, enjoy it.!

  4. B.B. it briefly got up to 82°f today over here in the real south u.s.a.
    B.B. would you be interested in a beautiful 3208 v8 caterpillar diesel engine with only 30,000 miles .
    it also has a 4 speed automatic alison transmission and behind the trans is a gear vender over and under drive . this diesel has sleeves and a turbo . this engine should be easly good for 500,000 to 600,000 miles . i am selling all this for a very good price . then you can get your diesel motor-home that you have always wanted .

  5. If you go to HobbyLobby.com, there is a 40% off one item coupon every week. May help in the future.

  6. hey there daddy, I knew you would come up with some thing. just knew it. looking good . after you build Alice you can build a trailer to pull tug boat. lol... weather here ok, sunny and a bit chilly. all good anyway. How is your back and hip? hope all is well. Ok till next time love and miss you!!!!

  7. That model is starting to look good, just like Alice. Keep working on it and give us updates as you go along.

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    That model is starting to look good, just like Alice. Keep working on it and give us updates as you go along.
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