Saturday, January 31, 2015

Weird things an' no sleep

Well shoot, I don't know what way to turn. I ain't been to bed since night before last. An that was at 3am in the morn'n...what I calls night 'cause it's still dark outside at 3am. If'n it's dark, it's night time. Simple as that. An' don't let nobody tell ya any different. I been around a long time an' I know the difference between day time an' night time. Sheesh!!!

Speak'n of be'n around a long time, at 73 year old, shit happens. I ain't been do'n worth a crap for a week now. Night before last, I was waked up bout 3 times with these weird things go'n on. Don't know how to 'splain weird things, but I was think'n "this is it Margaret". Then yesterday, I didn't feel worth a poop. Dizzy spells an' stuff like that....weak like a wet noodle. Blood pressure just a tad high at bout 160/80....what I fix up with a big ol' aspirin an' a blood pressure pill. Took me a hour nap. After supper, I feeled weird again. Let's try another one hour nap....for bout two hours or so. My god, it's 9 a clock pm.

Well shoot, if'n I ain't sleepy, may as well work on the Alice project. Do you have any idea how long it takes to build the windshield section of the front cap?
 Ok, let me 'splain something to ya. It ain't right. I breaked out the calculator an' did me some measurements an' calculations. Alice is too skinny wide. Her width is 1:24 scale an' her length is 1:21 scale. That's right at a half inch too narrow.  That means cut'n both caps an' the floor in half an' add'n that miss'n half inch.
Do I fix it or do I not?

My god, it's 3am. An' I still ain't a bit sleepy. So's I make me a pot of Community coffee....strong stuff. Did me some sweep'n of the floors an' a bit of housework. Then the sun come up. Yee ha, it day time. Now what we gonna do???

After a hot day yesterday, it's up to 69 degs today. Even had us some rain before day time.

Damn, I need me a nap......laters!!!


  1. I have weird spells too, and all my vitals are normal, so don't know what causes it.

  2. Lack of sleep sure can cause many symptoms...just sayin

    1. ...an' many symptoms can cause lack of sleep....just say'n back at ya

      Where the hell ya been, I been mss'n ya

  3. Don't fix it, it is looking good to me.

  4. I also have weird nights I wake up in the middle of the night.
    I call my kids at weird hours order stuff from TV and go outside
    and just look around .One night I put some eggs on to boil and fell asleep
    and all at once I hear this loud noise .I thought someone had broke into my house and was shooting a gun.I jumped out bed and went running thru the house with my gun in hand ready to shoot .Nobody there just eggs popping on the ceiling.
    So I understand weird just glad I live alone and only have to worry about Bella my dog.

  5. I do weird things, but mostly in broad daylight!

    I've had an irregular heartbeat all my life and most doctors didn't used to say much about it. Now they look at me weird and think they are telling me something I didn't know. Those dizzy episodes and strange feelings in and around your heart - I get them too, but I've decided to live each day as it might be my last, and enjoy it. That's about all you can do unless you like going to doctors, having tests performed, taking meds with side effects, etc. BB, we will both probably be around for a long time, moaning and complaining, and still doing things our way.