Friday, March 6, 2015

Athentic Cajun gumbo.....do I or don't I???

After I finished off my "Billy Bob Italian Pork Chops", I got to think'n...."what the hell ya gonna eat tomorrow"? Gumbo, that's what we gonna eat. I ain't made a pot of gumbo in so long I'm think'n I may not 'member how. Chicken an' little sausage thingys was removed from froze storage to thaw.

That was yesterday, today is today. I may not attempt to brew up some gumbo.

The first time I eat gumbo was back in '95. I'm talk'n REAL Cajun made gumbo, not that can stuff from the grocery store. Ya see, since I live on a sail'n boat, I hanged out with sail'n people an' a few power boaters. One feller in the group was a home brew Louisiana borned an' raised Cajun boy. Larry something or another Cajun name. Larry says...."Hey, let's have a gumbo party". Now Larry ain't no chef or nuttin like that. He's a Cajun, "gramma teach me to make gumbo", kind of cook. Don't measure nuttin.

We meet up at Mark an' Mindi's apartment Saturday morn'n long bout 1 or 2pm....bout 6, 8 or 10 of us. There's loud music play'n an' beer flow'n. Larry break's out the bestest dark rum I ever tasted in my life. Good bye Bacardi, hello Pussers Black. Small shrimps are be'n peeled....sav'n the heads for flavor....great o'l big'uns left whole. Oysters are shucked....sav'n them juices for flavor. There's a great big chunk of amberjack an' bout 3 them sausage link thingys lay'n on the counter. Live crabs are crawl'n round in a tub out on the back porch (concrete patio). Larry is brew'n up a "seafood" gumbo. Larry teaches each an' ever one of us the ins an' outs of how to make authentic "liquid fire" Louisiana cajun roux. Brings it to a nice chocolate color over high heat. Stir'n constantly. For chicken an' sausage gumbo, ya use a darker almost red color roux.

Larry is in his own world.....back at gramma's house. Sip'n up beer an' Pussers....throw'n stuff in a great big ol' pot. I'm talk'n big ol' pot....bout 4 gallon worth. But he's throw'n that stuff in there in a specific order. Ha....Larry don't chop onions, he throw 'em in there in quarters, big chunks. He don't chop garlic....he just smash 'em an' throw 'em in the pot. Larry don't clean crabs. He just chop 'em in half an' throws 'em in the pot. Claws an' feet removed....but he throws them in there too. I'm think'n...."whet the hell is this guy mak'n, he ain't no cook"?

 Mindi is half snockered an' yank'n half cooked shrimps out the pot before they done. Mark is chew'n on crab claws. I'm stand'n in the sink danc'n to the music from the liv'n room. It's a party ya know, ya dance.

To make the construction of this gumbo a short story, after a bout a hunnert beers, a couple bottle of wine an' a empty jug of Pussers rum, gramma's gumbo is ready to eat.

"I don't like or do I ever eat rice". That was back then....things change when ya eat your first real gumbo.

This is the same gumbo I make today. Only mine is chicken an' sausage. You eat one bowl of Billy Bob's authentic cajun gumbo, you will never go to the grocery store again.  

 Spended a couple hours on the Alice project yesterday. Did you know, super glue will not stick to scotch tape. Boy howdy, that make the job sooo much easier. An' neater.

    We now have basement compartment doors. But only on one side. Now why the hell didn't I put that black line down the side before I glue all them little sticks on there? Well, I'm gonna tell ya why. I may still find the right color an' them little sticks will be the same color. A easy repaint job. But....I'm think'n..."leave the damn thing the color it is". Actually, them little sticks is supposed to be a aluminum color. But I don't like aluminum color. Nobody will ever know. Decisions decisions.

Ok, that's it for today. Enjoy your gumbo an' have ya a nice day. Speak'n of nice day, it got down to the low 30's last night in Sinton, Texas. I was Brrrrrrrr.... 


  1. Ok, I'll take a bowl of that gumbo, but please don't tell me if you put okra in it. Alice is lookin' great. You are artistic, BB.

    1. Ha ha Gypsy. No I don't put okra in my gumbo. Stuff turns to snot an' I don't like snot. I half cook the okra in a separate pan an' add it later in the bowl.

  2. That gumbo sounds awesome, but my Suzie don't like it so guess will have to wait till we get back to Cajun country for my fix.
    Yep Alice lookin good.

  3. That's some big fish in the picture!

    1. Ha Rob, you are the first to notice. Good eye.