Thursday, March 19, 2015

My god Google, what are you do'n to me???

It's been some time now that I been complain'n bout the way Blogger (Google) acts. You know, not updat'n posts on follower lists an' only show'n the day befores blog post. It ain't only me that it happens to, so it ain't only me that gets all piss off.

Blogs that don't have a follower list of all their favorite blogs, they don't have this problem....mainly 'cause they cain't SEE the problem.....'cause they ain't got no freak'n follower lists to look at.  What also don't give their followers a opportunity to see the blogs they read. That's kind of like hiding the cookie jar so's nobody else can enjoy the cookies. Hmmmmm, maybe I contact Obama an' have him write a executive order mandating every blog is to have a "blogs I follow" follower list.
But anyhows, I'm think'n it's all a conspiracy by Google. Ya see, when ya grow up an' you're the biggest on the block, ya punish those that don't use your product. In other words, ya piss 'em off until they delete Firefox from their computers an' download "Google" Chrome. Internet Explorer should already be deleted for ALL computers.....old an' new.

Yesterday, an' a few days before, when I published my nonsense with Firefox, it did not update on other blogger followers lists. Simple as that....it weren't there. Been do'n that for a couple years now. So's I fired up Chrome yesterday, edited my blog post an' hit publish. Ha, there it was on every blog across America. Updated 2 minutes ago.

Dang, I was sit'n here read'n yesterdays blog post. Holy crap, it were a freak'n book. "Ya write too much nonsense Billy Bob". I cain't help it when my mind is all active an' stuff, I just got to write it all down an' smash the "publish" button. I learn that in school many many years ago....write shit down. George Washington birth....April 37th, 1865. Damn, where I write that down???? I rekon I could change my style an' only write a couple lines ever day. That would please a few, but shoot, there are some people that like to read all my nonsense....whether it makes sense or not. No, I ain't chang'n nuttin......git over it.

It was a beautiful day. Skys full of blar'n sunshine bout 85 or 90 degs, a nice breeze out the southeast....let's go out in the gulf of Mexico in the little sail'n boat. It's just a short trip from the University of Texas boat docks out to the deep blue seas an' moderate bout 4 foot swells. Ok, sail'n is sort of like fly'n a big ol' airplane. Ya gotta do yourself some research....weather forecasts, wind directions, incoming traffic...an' tidal currents in the Corpus Christi ship channel. Now when ya only got a little hole, the Port Aransas jetties, for a mega-bagazillion gallons of water to flow in an' out of the bays on a daily schedule, that current through that little hole is gonna be devastating at times. Like when ya wanna go sail'n in the gulf.

I tells the supervisor I'm sick an' gotta go home for the rest of the day....I'm go'n sail'n..

It's 10am when I release them dock lines, crank up the "fixed" little kicker motor an' head out in the middle the channel. What the hell, current is flow'n. I'm pointed for the open seas, raise the mainsail an' lay back...I'm a sail'n boat Captain.

As I pass the University science pier, I notice the entire maintenance crew cheer'n me on. I only got bout a mile or so to go to the gulf. The current grows stronger, I'm not mak'n much headway. A hour later, I'm still in the ship channel, tack'n right an' left, plow'n head on into huge ass swells. Water com'n over the bow.
"Oh shit, what am I do'n?? There ain't no way I'm gonna survive these treacherous 8 to 10 foot swells build'n up between the jetties, I got to go back to dry land. I fires up the little kicker motor, just to make sure the sucker will start. The mainsail is let down an' I turn this little boat around.

Now I'm riding huge ass swells from the back end. It's rough out here....the little kicker motor do'n it's best to keep me on a straight course. An' that's when it happen.

I got one hand on the tiller an' the other on the kicker motor. We are overtaken by a big ass swell, the kicker motor is scream'n  to the tune of bout 10,000 rpms...."put me back in the water". That's when it jumps off'n the back of the boat. Now I got me a scream'n motor in my hand, not hook up to nuttin an' get'n ready to blow. I manage to shut it down an' gently place it on the cockpit deck....I got me a pair of shorts to clean.

The current is now my only means of mak'n headway. I have no rudder control. I'm headed for the University pier. A few of the maintenance crew is cheer'n me on. Now if'n I run into that pier, I'm gonna do some damage. The freak'n boat is gonna sink an' there's a good possibility I'm gonna drown. The kicker motor is placed back on the transum an' tighten down.....an' I'm pray'n to the high heavens that that sucker will crank up an' still run. I ain't got much time, the pier is clos'n in on me.
One pull....just one pull an' that sucker is fire up an' I'm headed for the safety of the dock. Tie 'er up an' proudly walk away. Just in time for afternoon coffee break in the cafeteria. I need a dose of coffee bad. One feller says to me..."Billy Bob, you could a been killed do'n stunts like that". I just reply...."I'm a seasoned sailor, tweren't nuttin to it". Under my breath, I'm prais'n my maker an' kiss'n the dry earth I stand on. Ain't often you live to tell bout it. Why the hell is sail'n a boat so damn hard???

For the record....I wore my back brace all day yesterday. No pain pills were required. Pain level drop to 50%. Half hour after removal, I took me up two 500mg aspirins. Feet still have swell'n to 'em. Not near as bad as a couple days ago. Very much better this morn'n. Will continue to monitor.

While we are on the subject of sail'n boat Capt'ns an' sail'n boats....yesterday I fire up my printer. I turn this....

into this....
That's 33 inches of romp'n stomp'n remote control "Coyote" sail'n boat sit'n there. Look at the boat damn it, not the mess on the desktop. Calculated out, this is a 15.3th scale. Think'n more on the lines of 14th scale (35.14") or 12th scale (41").....a couple or three or nine more inches in length. Yes I have room to display it in any scale. Even if I move my desk back to the other side where it belongs, it will still fit.

There was one more thing I wanted to touch on this morn'n. Now what the hell was it??? Maybe I'll remember by tomorrow. See ya then.

See what I'm talk'n bout??? Google did it again. We'll try a update with Chrome.



  1. I don't use Chrome and will quit blogging if I have to use it. Some folks always want to try something new, even if what they are using is working fine. I always went by the old adage, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

    1. I kind of sorta like Chrome. It's fast an' accurate in what it does. But, Firefox has soooo many more options that Chrome don't have. Or I ain't fount 'em yet. Very seldom use the little speed demon.

      "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". Ha, try tell'n that to Google.

  2. I use IE most of the time and for some things I use Chrome. I hardly ever use Firefox, it doesn't work very well for me.

    1. Sorry to hear that Dizzy. For many years, I would use anything in place of IE. Firefox is #1 browser, but it too has bugs that pop up from time to time. Now IE, them bugs live in there constantly/full time/forever an' grow up into "monsters".

  3. Dang! your boating stories are funny. Scary too.

    1. Well Kristine, today's story was both. My god, I thought I was gonna die. But I can laugh at it now, since I lived to tell.

  4. Now thats a great story, glad you here to tell us about it.
    Once I got my Mac in '09 no IE, tried firefox, and Safari, but Chrome works fast and great with all I do. The best browser I have ever used, in my opinion.

  5. Ohh geesh. you sneak a day off work and then the co-workers see you out sailing???? too funny!

    You are a hoot, billy bob.... a true hoot!!

    KarenInTheWoods and Steveio
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard