Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I collect stuff.....hoard

Dang, the days are get'n longer an' what does the old Billy Bob do? He takes a nap.....in bright daylight.

But really, I didn't have much choice. Ya see, I sit in "that chair" for a long time yesterday with my feet prop up as far as they would go. Try'n to let some air out these balloon feet....with little success. I know, let's try the back brace an' see what that do. Have ya ever try to take a nap with a back brace on?

When I got up this morn'n, much later than usual, both feet is look'n normal. Hot damn, I'm good to go.
Brewed me up a pot an' sit myself down in front the computer....read'n news, Facebook'n an' check'n out the blogs. My freak'n feet is swoled up. So.....this tells me something, don't sit down. Have ya ever try to NOT sit down when ya cain't stand up but a few minutes at a time? This shit sucks.

It all started when I was just a little tyke. I started collecting stuff. Broke toys, radios that don't work....stuff like that. When I take somethig apart an' put it back together, I save all the left over nuts, bolts an' screws...extra parts. Don't know where they come from, but I'm gonna save 'em. I keeped "broke" stuff. Bent bicycle wheels, warped pieces of wood, worn out hand tools, a prop off'n a antique outboard boat motor.....I don't throw nuttin away.
My workbench at the University of Texas......

  Maintenance workers would ask me...."Ya got one of these"? Well I sure do. "Hey Billy  Bob, have ya got a throttle cable for a lawn mower"? Well I sure do. "Billy Bob, I need this special bolt, have ya got one"? Well I sure do. I need a gate hinge....I got one. An' this was only at work at the university. Ya should'a see my stash at home. No room in the garage for a car.

Only in the last few years have I begun to reduce my "hoard" stock. Carry'n around a extra thousand pounds of "stuff" in a motorhome ain't really the way to travel ya know. But no matter how much stuff makes it to the dumpsters, there is still not enough room for all the new stuff I pick up. Let's take my hobby stuff for instance. Remember when I put shelving in the closets for more storage room? Ya wanna know what's on 5 of them shelves? I even still have the box from when I builded the Mississippi river boat. Three years? Four years?"Sally da house" needs a good purge.
But, when ya build stuff, all this collection I keep is very very important....I may need this screw some day. The threads on that bolt are still good. I can always use a piece of 2x4.
But I did throw something away the other day. A non-work'n battery charger I pick up out of the trash in Del Rio a couple three years ago. OFM Barney may remember that charger. Ha, golf clubs? I got three full sets an' a great big pile of extras under my bed. Ya don't throw golf clubs in a dumpster.....sheesh, ya save 'em.

Now that I'm much older than when I started collect'n stuff, this shit is got to go. I don't sell stuff. I either give it away or it goes in the dumpster. Damn, I'm need'n a BIG dumpster. Ha, more like a kitchen trash bag the way I toss stuff. "Nope, may need that".

Ok, I was sit'n there in "that chair" last night an' I got to think'n....I don't like the desk sit'n where there's supposed to be a couch. It needs to be back over here where I designed it to be. I liked it over here. This is go'n on my "to do" list. Will I or won't I, that's the question. Only time will tell. But I'll guarantee ya one thing, if'n I find me a comfortable couch, it's gonna happen.
"Where ya gonna put the recliner Billy Bob"? Not the dumpster I hope. Over there where I got my boat models, one on a shelf an' one on a cabinet...."that chair" will fit perfectly. Then all I got to figger out is where to put the cabinet. A good possibility the passanger seat will be removed an' throwed in the dumpster. Cabinet an' boat fit there perfect.

I was gonna tell ya a story today, but it's way too late now to be do'n that kind of stuff. Think'n I may do a little housework, warsh dishes an' sweep all the grass out "da house". Lay back an' take it easy. Prop my feet up...take a nap. Damn, retirement life sure do have some advantages.

Oh wait a minute, did I ever tell ya bout the time.....me an' "first mate" Vickie Lynn was camped on the beach in Port Aransas (2002). We was sit'n inside eat'n up a sammich. Me sip'n up a cup an' Vickie Lynn half lit up on vodka. When all a sudden here come a big ol' pick up truck go'n a hunnert mile a hour. They blow'n the horn, laugh'n up a storm an' they come [this] close to Alice....bout 3 feets. On the third time they come fly'n up the beach, Vickie Lynn is done pissed. She grab holt to the full trash bag an' toss it out the door bout the time that pick up come fly'n by. BABAAAAMMM!!!!, that trash bag hit that pick up slap in the middle the windshield. The pick up lose control an' goes into the surf....them boys cuss'n up a storm. That was the last we see or hear of "that" pick up truck for the rest of the weekend. Camp'n on the beach in Port Aransas is cool.

Ok, Firefox didn't update my blog. This is with Chrome.....hope it works.     


  1. Ha, simple as that....Chrome worked.

  2. Castaways thrift store in Rockport will take your golf clubs and lots of other stuff. They sell the stuff and the money goes toward local church activities like Sunday school costs as I understand it.

  3. It seems like every time I turn around I hear some health expert saying that sitting is the worst thing you can do. Of course you have to sit for a lot of reasons, but getting up for at least 10 minutes every hour really helps.

  4. When I sit, I try to prop my legs up on something... keeps my ankles fro swelling so much, but I don't suppose that would work for you with all you do.....

    1. Lately, I haven't been able to do much at all. I sit mostly an' I know that ain't good.
      I do prop my legs up quite a bit every night sit'n in that recliner.

  5. Good luck on getting a new couch because you will still plop down in that recliner.
    Recliners are worse than any drug you just can't kick the habit. It's like a monkey on your back but lower down. lol My feet and legs swell and most of the time it is because of the humidity.
    Take it easy and keep those feet elevated.

  6. Is that a pair of women's unnerpants up on that bulletin board? Haven't heard that story yet...

  7. Chrome works great for me.
    We camped on the beach one time in Port Aransas one time few years ago (2006 I think), it was and really was awesome. hope to do again some day .

  8. Hahahaha! Vickie Lynn sounds like alot of fun.... Max, from Illinois.

  9. Love your stories, Billy Bob, all of them! DH is also a horder of "stuff". All the neighbors come to him for extras just like your co-workers did to you, and he always seems to have what they need, or else he can "fix" something to make do. But, recently he boxed up ALL my books and videos from the bookcases and shelves in his study in preparation to move said bookcases to my office across the hall. Well, guess where those bookcases are? Right where they were, of course, and the boxes of "stuff"? In the garage and in the middle of the floor in his study. Can't even get across the room. Oh well, he's a keeper in so many other ways ............... Like you.