Friday, March 13, 2015

Oh no, not Spring Break

Holy cows, look outside.....sunshine. The sunshine is shin'n on my Walmart special temp thingy, so I knows it ain't 101 degs out there. There ain't many clouds in the sky so I knows it's gonna be a special day. Dang, I been wait'n for this day for months. There will be NO housework done today.

I was camped in Del Rio, Texas one time. My campsite had big ol' grass grow'n all over it. I mowed the grass....with a pair of scissors. The next day, here come the US Government weed eat'n people. Dang!!!

Boy howdy, you talk bout RV park hunt'n. I fount a whole bunch of 'em up there close to Austin, Round Rock an' Granger. I mentioned this a couple days ago.....if'n your RV is over 10 years old....move on. Three out of them 8 RV parks have that rule. Another says "pets welcome"....if'n they weigh less than 10 pounds. Now what kind of rule is that? "No cats"? What the hell??? Anyhows, RV park rentals ain't all that bad.....bout $300 to $350 a month....plus electric. The CEO campsites in Granger wouldn't let me get any information on rates an' availability sites.

Billy Bob Chili. Well shoot, this is what ya get when ya try so save a buck. I went to HEB for 80/20 hamburger meat. This is NOT the same 80/20 hamburger meat I get at any Walmart. This stuff (not my exact wording) sucks. I cooked it up. Then I skim 1/2 cup of nasty look'n grease off'n the top. I tastes the cooked meat......cardboard, or something like that. All ingredients are added. I have me a great big ol' pot of "not so good" chili. "Calling Doctor Billy Bob....FIX the chili please". Fingers crossed an' all theat stuff.

Spend a couple hours yesterday work'n on the "Alice" project. All the little bitty wood strips are added to the passenger side.

 We have a motorhome with compartment doors. The decision has been made to leave Alice the color she is. Now all I got to do is figger out how to install all the decal lines. Paint on or stick on???? Problem with stick on is that after time, they shrink. Ha, you should see my airplane with the stick on decal lines (pin striping).

Well shoot, I rekon the old Billy Bob done screw up. I need to make a trip over to the island (Port Aransas) an' guess what's happen'n over there? SPRING BREAK. 03/09/2015 - to 03/20/2015. Ya don't go to Port Aransas dur'n spring break....simple as that. I 'member one time, many year ago now 1988, Joan Jett come to Port Aransas for a beach concert. There was 100,000 drunk scream'n kids throw'n beer cans an' stuff like that. The concert had to be cancelled. I just happened to be in the area an' it took me 4 hours to wrangle my way through all the traffic go'n 0 to 5 mile a hour.

 Never again.

I swear, I betcha a dollar, I sleeped a good 12 hours yesterday an' last night. I don't sleep that much, it ain't right. Ha, my mean ol' cousin out there in California call me a "black sheep" one time for sleep'n. Ya see, I show up at uncles house late one night an' crash on the couch. Bout noon the next day, my cousin's friend ask her "who's good look'n hunk sleep'n on your couch"? "Oh, that's just my 'black sheep of the family' cousin Billy". I ain't never forgit that. 

Well shoot, it's too nice a day out there to be sit'n in front of a computer. I'm gonna do something....outside.


  1. It has been 4 to 5 months of spring break weather here in the pacific northwest in Washington state near the Oregon border, we will be burning in hell this summer with humidity and dry as a bone days and nights..no snowpack and little precipitation, lived here since 1978 and it is drier than when we came out and that was one of the driest years they ever recorded, I fear for all the people who must have water to live the farmers, wine people the ski season was a true bust and all the cherry and orchards of apples, etc..Our only is in Austin texas for about 25 days SXSW festival she says it is lovely, blue skies, lovely people and outstanding food, she lives in NYC and adores Austin..but out here we got no moisture and no snowpack, I say shove that spring break crap, the kids go nuts and now people are going nuts because it is not cool, no snow, no moisture..Love your blog..keep on truckin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Alice lookin' pretty darn good.
    Spring Break here too next week, stores be busy, arena's be busy, swimming pools be busy. But campgrounds and beaches not open yet.
    Like you said stay away from that beach!

  3. I never heard the Joanie Jett and Port Aransas story. Were you singin' "I luv rock n' roll"? I never did like spring break parties and tried to stay away from them. Alice is lookin' better and better.

  4. Lol, so I had to buy Walmart ground beef instead of HEB's?

    Alice is looking good!

  5. Concerts are a pain. I in the 80s I took my son and daughter to a Joan Jett show in St Petersburg Fl.
    She opened for the 38 Pistols St Pete is known as home of the Newly Weds and nearly Deads
    that night it was all kids. Here in Fl it has been really hot in the high 80s everyday .Heb has great prices on some things ..

  6. “my back issues are get'n worser again. My feet are hurt'n more than usual. I cain't stay on my feet very long without hav'n to go sit down an' sip up a cup.”
    “My back aches an' pains limit me to bout 10 minutes on my feet an' I got to go sit down.”
    Do all these statements mean that you are finished playing golf?