Sunday, March 22, 2015

Go'n to the dump on a weekend sucks....down in the dumps suck

Since yesterdays post shows a great big ol' skeerter an' a skeeter that big reflects to the great state of Texas....

Did I ever tell ya bout the time....Ya gotta think Galveston, Texas an' wet lands an' "herds" of skeeters. In Texas, when they say things are bigger in Texas, I can attest that "Texas skeeters can be rather big".
Ya see, I was headed home to Texas City from a day in Galveston. I was driv'n a old '57 2 door Ford. Winders roll down an' go'n a hunnert mile a hour. Not a care in the world, I'll be home in nuttin flat.
Putt, putt, putt goes the motor...black smoke com'n out the exhaust pipes. Well shoot, I betcha a dollar that piece of bail'n wire come loose from the choke again. I can fix that in just a second.  "Where's my flashlight"? Git'n dark ya know.

I hears a VAAAROOOOOM, something flys past my head....an' it's wear'n goggles. I swears I hear somebody yell "git out the car". As I exit the driver seat, I am accosted by two Texas skeeters. I swear, they was wear'n Texas Ranger badges on their chests. My driver license is checked, I was frisked for firearms an' drug paraphernalia......open containers. 

That's when back up arrived....thousands of "back up" big ass skeeters stab'n me all over my body with swords, lances an' spears. Welts begin to appear. I'm under the hood in a feeble attempt to put that bail'n wire back in place...swat'n an' cuss'n. It's dark....I'm gonna die if'n this old Ford don't crank up.

One turn of the key an'.....crank crank crank.....sputter sputter sputt sputt....VAROOOOM, we good to go. Ya gotta love a Ford. As I sped away, I could hear a cheer'n crowd in the background. The Texas Ranger skeeters had won another round.

Don't rekon ya would want to hear bout the Texas fire ant fiasco. Ya see, when the old VW bus broke down, it stop right over a fire ant hill....an' I gotta get under that old VW bus. Oh wait, I done tole that story before.....http://billybobsplace.blogspot.com/2013/07/broke-down-in-texas

This blog'n stuff gets harder ever day. Look at yesterday, I didn't want nuttin to do with a blog. This blog ain't supposed to be a "story" blog, it's supposed to be a adventure blog....hav'n a good time out there travel'n on the roads. Talk'n bout them travels. Although stories can be rather entertain'n at times. But stories reflect to the past, not of happen'ns of today. Although, my past can be quite entertain'n too.....depend'n on how ya look at it an' how much spice an' herbs are in it. I've been accused of fabrication, lies, a cat molester, bunghole (nice way to say asshole) an' a downright stupit idiot for say'n some the things I say. Most of them things come from people that lived a overly politically correct "protected" life....an' they are just a tad jealous of the old Billy Bob's past life an' his antics. Look for fault in my words....the ways I say stuff. Look for any reason under the sun to pounce on me....beat my ass. Surprised my spell'n ain't been pounced on. Ha, betcha a dollar that will bring me some more nasty email.

I been told many times...."ya cain't please everbody". I come to realize that as true, but I still try anyhows.
Oh, did you know....there's instructions on the internet on how to write a blog? "Billy Bob, read the instructions". Now who in the hell would ever write a blog by instructions? You ain't build'n no dad gum Chinese toy for the kids to play with, you're writ'n bout your life. An' share'n it with those that have some the same interests. I've lost many many followers since my life has took a turn to the worse. Since my travels are at a standstill. Since I ain't able to do the things I used to do...stuff like that. Lost a bunch from what I was talk'n bout up there too. But I ain't finished yet. Close but not finished. Just wait till I tell ya bout the time....

Yesterday was NOT a good day at Billy Bob's house. I had me a plan to to go outside an' sit in the sunshine, sip'n up a cup an' do'n me some serious think'n. The sky was full of clouds an' it freak'n rained. But that ain't the only reason I had a bad day....I hurted like hell. Something is just gotta be done bout this back. An' look at these swelled up feet.....big ol' balloons again. I ain't got no donuts, no cookies, out of eggs, milk is sour an' the bread is got green spots. Shit like that don't make a good day. Three naps, a bore'n golf game....I don't know all these new people play'n golf, sit'n on my ass do'n nuttin....yup, a bad day.

A trip to Georgia??? As of yesterday, maybe not. Stay in Sinton, Texas? God I hope not. Go to the lake for a month?....why would I do that? Go to California?....Oh hell no, I would never make it. Montana? Shoot, there ain't no authentic Mexican food in Montana. Sides that, they eat Indian fry bread in place of tortillas.
So there ya have it....I ain't got nowheres to go an' no reason to be there.


  1. One thing I will never understand, and I have the same problems with people who write to criticize my blog, but why in the hell do they read it in the first place. Sometimes I start reading a new blog and find out by the 2nd paragraph that it isn't the kind of blog I want to read so I close it up and read something else. Why do folks keep reading and then criticize it in public? Maybe a "criticizer" out there can fill me in on what they are trying to accomplish.

    Writing a blog is a hundred times more difficult when you don't feel good, have pains that keep you from doing things that make you happy and fulfilled. I don't know the answer, Billy Bob, but keep on blogging because there are probably lots of readers who are in the same boat. We can live to be 90 or 100, but we're not going to be quite as active and looking for adventures as a 50 or 60 yr old, so I think there are folks who can reminisce with us about our former escapades and don't mind if we're not doing the same stuff nowadays.

    I just have to say I think Montana is a terrific wonderful state, and I would gladly go without Mexican food for long enough to make a nice little visit to Montana!

    1. There's something bout your comments Gypsy that remind of the farm when "Moms" would sit me down an' splain things to me. I listen.

  2. Billy Bob I feel your pain, I'm in the same boat you are with the back pain and hurten down my right leg. I am much younger then you, I'm not quite 73 yet, but I don't have but a few months to go till I make it. I read your blog every day and it makes me realize others have the same back problems. I may or may not get something done about it, but not until the pain pills quit working.

    1. Ray, so sorry you go through the same pains I go through ever day.....it sucks ya know.
      Last year in Georgia, I was will'n to have surgery, even thought all doctors say..."don't do it". I didn't, but only 'cause the doc tole me the risks involved. Shoot, I could die.
      In your case, you may want to check into "kill'n" some nerves an' get ya some relief for a bit.
      That's what I wanna do anyhows....but not in Texas.

  3. Hey Billy Bob I love that you write the way that I talk. I'm from Texas y'know. You have to be pretty dang smart to be able to write like you talk in my book. And I'll always be reading your blog. Love the stories, love the fact that you 'tell it like it is'. I read some blogs because I love the travel photos, I read some blogs because they show lots of food pictures (yeah, gotta admit I love food pictures) and I read some blogs (like yours) because I love me a good story, and some good ol reality. And yeah, I'm sippin' a cup all day long too. Sometimes all night too. Didn't know anyone drank as much coffee as me.
    Keep the blog going as long as you enjoy it, Billy Bob. I'll be here reading it.
    Jool in N. Texas

    1. Shoot...I like N. Texas. An' I like folks that think like I do.....an' sip up a cup all day long...an' an' an'....

  4. Love your blog and your stories Billy Bob. Please continue.

  5. I LOVE your blog! Yours was the third blog I ever read in my life. I remember clicking on your avatar one sleepless night because I enjoyed the comments you left on a mutual blog we read.

    MY GOD!! I laughed so much it made my belly hurt and I have been hooked ever since. I have laughed, I have cried, and I have also learned so many things from your blog.

    If some AH does not like what you write...blank, blank them! Like the song says...You can't please everyone, so please yourself. Like Gypsy stated, if I read a blog I do not like I simply close it and go on to the next...I certainly would not take the time to write an e-mail and criticize that blogger.

  6. Just keep writing the way your do.
    Its hard to write about much when you not moving about, but if nobody reads it at least it is documented to look back on.

  7. Ya know...some folks would complain if they were hung with a new rope! Negative comments have no place in our blogging world! I agree with what Jool and Gypsy said.

    Don't like it...leave! Keep on keeping on, BB!

  8. Don't change a single thing about your blog!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it the way it is!
    (and try Thermocells for the skeeters, they work great and the Wisconsin skeeters are as big as hummingbirds!)
    KarenInTheWoods and Steveio
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard