Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tastes something like gumbo

Ha, ya wanna mess with the old Billy Bob? I'm talk'n to that pot of gumbo.....not my followers.
I fix that stuff up where I can actually eat it....an' it taste something like gumbo. Them cats is gonna be pissed. We got lots of cats. Somewheres bout 15 or so.

My wonderful son Robert give me a call yesterday. First thing he say....."when ya com'n back to Georgia"? Then we talk for bout 30 minutes bout "how ya feel"?, an' stuff like that. "Yo mama's" knee surgery (replacement) went well. 

Robert is think'n a bit further ahead than I am. He has built me a level camp'n site, installed a water hose bib an' put in a 50 amp circuit for "da house". He also finished construction on the basement apartment under "yo mama's" house. He is moving in.

Before I take off for Georgia, I got me a son an' a daughter right here in Texas that I want to visit. I got 2 grand younguns I ain't even seen yet. But I do have a few pics. It's been way too long since I have seen them. Austin area. Damn, I hope I don't see my x wife. I don't like her. That was one the main reasons I divorced her. My god, she was one piss off woman when she was handed them papers. Also piss off a couple her boyfriends. Ha ha...to this day, she tells everbody she divorced me.

Dang, I sure do dread the job I got ahead of me. I ain't never fill up a 5 gallon bucket with poop before. I betcha a dollar I'm gonna puke. Then I'm probly gonna puke again when I empty that bucket into the sewer at the RV park. The bucket will be disposed of in the nearest dumpster.

Ok, rain is over. Ain't no sunshine, but weather for the next week or so is gonna be in the lower 70's. I can live with that. Maybe the golf'n place will be dry enough next Monday for a excit'n round of "swak'n golf balls". Hmmmmm, wonder if'n I can still hit one them little balls. Been a while ya know. 

Think'n laundry here. I got me a big ol' pile lay'n back there in the bedroom put'n off some weird musty odors what don't belong in a motorhome.

Google is piss'n me slap off.....Grrrrrrrr!!!


  1. I got me a couple of ex's that I don't care for either! Thank goodness I don't ever see them anywhere.

    Glad you got that gumbo fixed up to where you can eat it. Shame to have to feed it to the cats!

  2. Nice that you got that gumbo edible now.
    I gots 3 x's that are around, don't have no problem with them anymore, can at least talk to each other a bit. They all left for greener pastures,(guess that came with me workin' 100 hours a week) and I ended up with the greenest one. They did me a favor.

  3. I must be a rarity, I have been married to the same women for way over 50 years.

  4. Two of my exes are deceased, and I have no idea where the other one is - last I heard he might be in Houston. I wouldn't mind running into him again but not if it means driving near Houston!

    Glad you got your gumbo to the edible point.

  5. You just crack me up! I still kinda liked my ex when we divorced... just couldn't stand his lifestyle. But, like George, life sure changed. I met Bill... over 30 years now and life just keeps getting better. He even likes my attempts at gumbo ;-)

  6. BillyBob, what a caring son you produced - you must have done something right.

  7. Was that the header photo that was up there earlier today? How did I miss it? What a dashing figure up there on that dozer! Sure a lot fancier than Carhartts!