Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A freak'n update.....Grrrrrrrr.....Balloon feet....damn!!!

Update on the top side. Now this is downright piss'n me slap off, my blog did not post an' update on othere's blogs. That is unless you type in the addy. Or something like that.
I am now on Google Chrome in a attempt to post a blog I posted bout 6 hours ago.

Yikes, damn, whoa.....yesterday sucked.

Ya see, I was sit'n here at the computer finish'n up yesterdays blog post. I got to go pee. While stand'n there do'n my thing, I look down at my poor ol' swolled up feet. My god, they look like balloons an' hurt like hell. I'm gonna go prop my feet up for a while. I fall asleep....wake up....fall asleep....wake up.....damn this sucks.
Got 'em down a bit last night with a good massage...rub hell out 'em. All swolled up this morn'n. I ain't got no epson salt for a good soak'n, but I gonna do it without the epson salts anyhows. In a 5 gallon bucket.
Oh wait, my 5 gallon buckets are full of poop.

Got me some printer cartridges yesterday. I'm gonna attempt to do some print outs of "Coyote".
Not that I'm gonna build "Coyote", but just to experiment with the possibility. Even though I think it's a wonderful project, there are a ton of cons in it's construction. Like I ain't never sail a remote control sail'n boat. Like where the hell do I store 6 foot masts an' sails? Like how long will this project take? Like do I have a spare $2000 just lay'n round do'n nuttin? Decisions, decisions.  

Mostly, all ya gonna get for a while is stories....until I get to feel'n better an' can do something excit'n....or adventurous. That may be quite some time with the way things are go'n.

Today I was gonna tell ya bout the time I lost air in the ferry boat ramps. With ferry boats wait'n to go across the channel. Sailboat don't go no wheres with no wind. I got a white Captain's hat on....I'm seasoned ya know.  Kicker motor don't start.
But I ain't go'n that route this morn'n. Then I thought I would tell ya bout the time I tryed everway under the sun to turn a old 1936 Dodge car over. It's impossible. Then I thought I would take me a trip back to the farm an' me scream'n "Moms". But shoot, with my loss of memory an' already tole ya bout the farm, that's out too. My only memories of the farm this morn'n, is my "pet" chicken....what we ate an' be'n a rodeo star rid'n cow puppies.

When I tole my "cat" stories, the "politically correct" followers jump my case....beat my ass. There will be no cat stories today. Well, maybe I could tell ya bout "Webster". Webster was bout the worstest an' meanest cat I ever allowed in my house (Alice). Cook'n fish, that damn cat climb up on the counter an' steal my fish right under my eyes. Climb up my arms while I'm sleep'n. Leave big ol' fingernail hole in my arms. Yes blood. For no reason other than to be a mean.ass cat. Grab holt to yer leg with them claws an' bite hell out you. Open the door....poooof, he's gone, just like that. Don't come back in until HE is ready, not when the RV park people tell me I gotta go. Two hours it take that damn cat to come back home.

I returned to Port Aransas from a California trip. Pull into the IGA park'n lot to pick up some groceries. I look up there on the dashboard....there's Webster tak'n a him doze. I quietly ease the door open....poooof, there goes Webster across the park'n lot a hunnert mile a hour. That was the last time I see that dad gum cat....thank god.

Well shoot, I ain't got no "good" stories for today, so's I'm out of here. If'n the printer thingy works out right, I may tell ya bout it in a update...but probly not.


  1. Ha, I fixed it. Now I'll have only one comment an' it gonna be mine....Yeeee Haaa, don't ya just love Google?

  2. I wonder if Webster was related to my Psycho Cat. She escaped kind of like Webster and while I'm sadden about how it probably ended for her. I am also relieved I don't have to deal her split personality any more.

    Now I'm going to have to go back and read all your cat stories to find where you were being evil to a cat.

  3. Gotta love your memories !! Once upon a time I was gonna blog about our cats but.....damn stupid cats !! Ya had to be there. You're not the only one with blog troubles. I've been writing ours with Open Office and saving it then copy and paste to blogger via Chrome. IE has been testy, to say the least !! I got real tired of losing all my blogs with IE. We're gonna stay a little later in SW Florida and see when the hot weather forces a move this year. We usually skidaddle about April. Keep up the great blogging..Charlie of Rolling Earthquake.

  4. One time, I had three cats and one of them, the male, was like the one you described. But he did protect the females. My buddy came over with his dog one time and his dog went after one of the female cats. My big ole Tom cat ran that sucker off lickity split. After about an hour that dog came sheepishly sneaking back, got in his owners truck and wanted to go home.

  5. Oh my BillyBob.. every day you have something hilarious to write and i so enjoy reading it!
    KarenInTheWoods and Steveio
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard