Tuesday, March 3, 2015

No season'n an' spices today....tastes bland...boring

I've sit here for the last two hours try'n to write something of interest. There is nuttin. I deleted everthing I wrote, an' this is all I got left. So....I'm gonna bake me up some biscuits, fry me up some sausage, a couple over easy an' reevaluate where I'm headed. It ain't look'n good.
I'll be back in a few minutes. "What the hell, there ain't no sausage in my freezer".

Ok, we back. Everthing come out just fine. Replaced the miss'n sausage with a slab of fried beef balony. Some that Walmart special deli stuff. High dollar terrible tast'n stuff. Is it really THAT hard to make good tast'n balony??? 

Replaced the rigging on the tug boat masts yesterday.

Just looked at Alice sit'n over there....frustrated.

Thought bout the "Coyote" project. Just thoughts.

Put dishes to soak. Poured that water out this morn'n an' got 'em soak'n again.

Sweeped half the floors. Had to take a break...sit down.

I took a nap.

Brewed up some sloppy Joes for supper. Burn one bun slap up black.

Ha, I betcha a dollar I won't be writ'n no more blog posts that look like this again.
"Where the season'n an' spices Billy Bob". 



  1. Washed clothes this morning. they waiting patiently on the couch to be put away. another exciting day in wet fog land.

  2. Damn, your day sounds about as exciting as mine. I need to clean the kitchen table off and I don't want to because it is covered in legal stuff I need to sort into different piles and bundle up. Then I need to move the table out and wash walls.

  3. Heck sounds better than here, blowin' snow, now some freezing rain ain't going anywhere now for a while.
    We have your sausage right here on the counter, gonna fry that up for supper tonight.

  4. We didn't do much either... visited with Seann from the Slabs who is here for a few days.... he took us down to Family Dollar for a few things. Watched the sunset, that is about it. Don't know what I am going to write about in my blog either????

    KarenInTheWoods and Steveio
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  5. I'll stop by for some biscuits, sausage and a couple over easy! Makes me hungry to think of it.