Monday, March 30, 2015

How do ya put a title on something like this????

Not only is today another Monday, it's right on the edge of say'n "Adios el Marcho". Ha ha, I learn to speak Mexican in a little cantina in Laredo, Texas. Ya see, the nice little waitress lady didn't speak no English, an, me an' my buddy was want'n us a cold beer. She look at me an' say..."Me no speekee Engleesh". Tak'n out my translation book...I says..."dame me un cervesa...two times".

There ain't a lick of sunshine out there. I done got up early so's I could make that Aransas Pass trip this morn'n. Now what the hell am I gonna do? Ya cain't just jump in a car an' take off when there ain't no sunshine an' a slight chance of rain. What ya gonna do if'n ya have a flat tire.....sheesh! You gonna get wet. But I may chance it anyhows since I'm slap out of meds an' could use a few groceries.

Speak'n of meds, I really ain't got no meds no more like the ones I used to take. I quit tak'n the ones that make me dizzy an' raise my blood pressure out of sight bout a year or so ago. I take a blood pressure pill, a tachycardia pill an' a Spriva inhaler for my lungs.  That little tachycardia pill I'll have to take till I die. Only one attack in the last bout 6 or 8 years. If'n ya ever had a tachycardia attack, you know what I'm talk'n bout. I take the Spriva inhaler just for the hell of it. Don't know if it does me any good or not. That's it, that's my meds. Well I do take a daily acid reducer for my stomach, an' let me tell ya, if'n I don't take it, I wakes up with a case of acid reflux. Of course I take my aspirin, but that ain't a med. So what I'm think'n this morn'n, a trip to Aransas Pass ain't really that important.

Do I write too much when I do my blog? Ha, I think so too. You should see the shit I just deleted so's it wouldn't be too long today. Do I use too many cuss'n words? Nope, I'm practic'n to be a rapper. What better place to practice than a blog? Ha, I can just see the old Billy Bob stand'n in front of crowd of scream'n mariwanna smok'n teenagers try'n to do a rap routine. Shoot, I would bring the house down.

This is NOT a political statement, it's a pissed off comment......
I watch the news ya know, an' I pay close attention to what's go'n on. It ain't good. A few years ago I was tell'n everbody I would be dead before things got really bad. Well I ain't dead an' things are really bad. It's been 73 years (WWII) since our great nation has been threatened with the threats like we receive today....."Kill America"....stuff like that. It's been years an' years since we've had the racial tensions we have today....."Kill cops....Hands Up don't shoot". Our nation is divided right down the middle. But that's normal when ya got opinions an' beliefs. Been go'n on for a couple hunnert years. It's just sad that it's tak'n America down faster than you can say "Jack be nimble Jack be quick". Folks, something ain't right an' it needs a good fix'n.

Sorry I posted that here, but I'm pissed. Too many of my "rights" have been took away in the last few years. An' as a retiree, I pay more in taxes than 47% of America what don't pay a freak'n copper cent. My insurance (Medicare) ain't free even though I paid dearly into it for many many years an' pay more into it every month (bout $108)....plus what I pay into my secondary insurance. Then I get told ...."Oh no, we don't cover that". My food is regulated. My health is regulated. My speech is regulated. My rights are regulated. 

Ok, let's talk bout something else.
As days pass by, my plans make a beeline for the dumpster. Everthing I was mak'n plans for a couple months ago are be'n edited an' parts are be'n deleted. Today, all plans are just sit'n here with no positive thoughts. An' shoot, I was git'n a little bit excitis. Hook'n up an' get'n on the road don't fix a damn thing, so don't even suggest that. The problems will still be there. Ha, kind of like drink'n your troubles away. It don't work an' ya only wake up with a dreadful headache. Health issues an' a case of depression can do weird things in the way ya think. Positive thoughts are no help.  

Maybe a trip to Walmart will cheer me up on a sunless day......laters


  1. Get outta the house go for a drive and wander about Walmart works for me clearing my head.

  2. What happened to the walks you were going to do? Didn't you just walk 500 yards a few days ago? That will help if you do it everyday. Shoot, you'll be up to a mile in no time. I find that I feel pretty good most days, and I tell myself I'm going to feel great. It usually works, but now and then a few days come along of feeling low and you just have to get through those days when nothing looks or feels good. I was real depressed about my upcoming looong drive by myself, but now I'm starting to look forward to it and get my sh*t together! You can do it too, Billy Bob.

  3. ok, BIlly Bob, allow yourself 1/2 hour for feeling poorly and sorry for yourself, then get up and get going. To WalMart, for a walk down the road, around the outside of that house a few times - anywhere. Just do something positive for the same number of minutes that you put into the negative, and see which wins. If it comes out even, you're still ahead of the game, right?