Monday, March 2, 2015

Catched up on sleep....again

Well shoot, what we gonna talk bout today?

I rekon the first thing to touch on this morn'n is my pink eye an' allergies. It weren't the "jalapeno in yer eye" that was caus'n the problem like I was think'n. Ya see, I was sit'n here at the computer do'n me some research, when all a sudden, my eyes start to water'n up a storm an' burn'n like hell. Nephews Frank an' Joseph is sit'n here visit'n, both puff'n away on cigarettes. I got me one them little cigars fired up too. Smoke alarm goes off. Ha ha, just kidd'n bout the smoke alarm. So, I ain't allergic to jalapenos, I'm allergic to nephews.

Not that anybody would be interested, but I did me a ton of "project" think'n last night. A couple four hours on the internet. To build a fiberglass over stryofoam sail'n boat hull is gonna take weeks to months to accomplish. Just the hull mind ya. By that time, I'm gonna be look'n for a new project. My feel'ns this morn'n on build'n the "Coyote' project ain't all that excit'n. But that can change in the twinkl'n of a eye.

I was sit'n here yesterday, all frustrated an' stuff, all antsy bout want'n to do some work on the "Alice" project. It's just sit'n there in the desktop look'n the same it did a few days ago. I cain't do nuttin. I need paint. "That's all I have to say bout that"...Gump.

Boy howdy, sure am glad I decided against head'n off the the golf course this morn'n. Weather forecast people don't know nuttin....they suck. They tole me today was gonna be a beautiful warm day, perfect for golf ball swak'n. It's 51 degs out there, sky full of fog an' clouds, no sunshine an' the humidity got me to think'n water droplets from the heavens. Ya don't go golf'n in this kind of weather. Not unless you are a "cast iron" hard core golfer.
Did I ever tell ya bout the time....me an' "pesky neighbor" Wayne went golf'n in SNOW? Ha....we like to freeze slap to death. Lose a couple "white" golf'n balls in that "white" snow too. I'm think'n that's right on the edge of "hard core" golf'n.

I catched up on some that lost sleep yesterday an' last night. A couple naps in the afternoon an' a full night sound asleep in "that chair". I feel sooo much better this morn'n. Now all I gotta do is figger out something to do. God I hate housework.....warsh'n dishes, laundry an' shit like that.

Ok, it's late...I got to do something. Hopefully it will be productive an' right. 



  1. I have heard of golf balls that make a beeping sound so you can find them in the snow.

    1. You probly heard that on the internet Dizzy

    2. No, my brother-in-law is an avid golfer and he lives in Pennsylvania. He told me about them.

    3. Well, there's the bright orange or florescent pink balls. And I've played night golf with balls with little lights inside. In Texas, though, you always gotta watch out for the fire ants, kinda hard to do at night. Even well kept greens can have those nests come up within hours. No more night golf for me.