Monday, March 9, 2015

Redneck gumbo sucks

Ha, how do ya write a blog post in a rain storm. Man boy howdy, it's rain'n out there. Got flood warnings all over the place....even at "El Rancho Abraham's RV Resort". "Goat Farm" was deleted from the name when the damn goat died. Dang I liked that goat.

I been liv'n on memories for the last few weeks. That's all I got. But them memories sure do make this old fart feel good. All ya gotta do is close your eyes an' you're right there reliv'n where ever you was at or what ever you was do'n. Dang I hate them "bad memories" to slip into my mind when I'm hav'n fun with "good memories". Yesterday's memory of the old '49 Mercury led me into a ton of other teenage "car" memories. Have to tell ya bout 'em some day. Remember that 1927 Buick with the rumble seat? The 1946 Plymouth business coupe with the Ford flat head out a race'n car? That was one "hot" little Plymouth.....beat hell out them store bought 57' Chevys an' 57' Fords. Even took it to a national drag race one time. But they wouldn't let me run 'cause it was too unsafe. No scatter shield or a safety harness to hold ya in when ya crash into a brick wall.....or that other race car.

WARNING!!! DO NOT EAT BILLY BOB'S GUMBO. My god, that stuff tastes like sum kind of terrible. In the construction of this big ol' pot of gumbo, I only did two things differently. I used "generic" oil for the roux an' then I sauteed the onions, celery, garlic an' bell pepper in the super hot "liquid fire" roux. I never done it that way before. Won't do it again. But anyhows, I'm gonna try me a bowl for lunch today. Sadie Mae an' the cats, an' the 3 burros will eat what I don't. Ha, they don't give a crap what it tastes like.
"Ha ha Billy Bob, whatcha gonna brew up for supper"?

Dang, I sure do wished I could get my life in a straight line. This up an' down shit is git'n to me. Maybe I need to go to Walmart an' buy me up some them PMS pills. I heared they help when ya get depressed an' don't give a care.

There's a slim possibility I may work on the Alice project this afternoon. I've been through most my memories of Alice up to where we are today....a unfinished motorhome. The finishing touches have nuttin to do with memories.

There's also a slim possibility I may get "Sally da house" ready for the trip to the RV park up the street to empty tanks. With the rains, the yard is full of big ol' mud puddles, so it's gonna be a few days to a week before I can move "da house". Now if'n I had me a couple 5 gallon buckets with lids, I could fill 'em up with poop black water an' have business room in my black water tank.
"Ha ha Billy Bob, I wanna watch ya do that...from a distance".

Ok, I'm gonna cut this short again. I got me some think'n to do an' see if'n I can eat that dad gum gumbo.


  1. Darn, your photo made me (almost) miss raising goats. Had more than one kid in a box behind the cookstove cause its mom didn't like it. What kind of oil did you use anyway? What kind do you usually use?

  2. Dump some hot sauce in that gumbo. . . hot sauce makes anything taste great.

  3. Yes hot sauce making everything taste better!

  4. If you already used a super-hot liquid fire roux, I don't know if I would add any more hot sauce.

    I didn't realize the goat had died. I hope it was just from old age.

  5. Hope the goat didn't end up in that bad tasting gumbo!!!

    (just kidding)
    KarenInTheWoods and Steveio
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