Thursday, March 5, 2015

Very important decisions to make

Damn it. I was climb'n up that little hill I ws tell'n ya bout an' I trip over a little stik lay'n on the ground. Fall slap down. I didn't do nuttin yesterday. Oh wait, yes I did. Remember them dishes I been soak'n for bout 4 days? I warshed 'em.

I'm at a very hard point in my life. I've got me a very very important decision I got to make an' I don't know what way to turn. One way is like spit'n chaw bakki in the wind. Hmmmm, how comes wimmins don't chew chaw bakki? In the other hand, the other way is like "what in the hell are ya do'n Billy Bob". Both don't sound all that good.

Ya see, when somebody suggested I build a model of my sail'n boat, I got myself all excitis as hell. Think'n remote control an' all that stuff.....put that sucker in some water, hang it on the wall just like my other two remote control boats.
Ha ha, tricked ya didn't I? You didn't think I was gonna talk bout hobbys this morn'n did ya.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Had the door an' a couple winders open for the fresh air blow'n in "da house". It was warm. A typical south Texas winter day. But....here it comes, that dad gum cold front. High winds an' "cold". Had to fire up the Mr Heater when it got down to 40 degs. Sunshine today....Yeeee Haaa!!! 55 degs.

Ok, back to that decision. Ya see, I'm a bit skeered to start a new project of build'n another boat. I done spend a good 20 to a hunnert hours research'n, look'n for a set of plans, sav'n bout a hunnert or 2 hunnert pictures of Formosa sail'n boats. Sip'n up cup after cup after cup of dark brown coffee, blow'n smoke an' do'n a ton or two of think'n. With no plans an' not nobody ever build a remote control model of a Formosa sailboat, I would the first in the entire world to do it. Ha, remember "Captain Ron"? That was a 51 foots Formosa sail'n boat.

 This Formosa "Coyote" project would take no less than a year to complete. Do I really want to do this???

Also I have one more important decision I got to make. Where the hell am I gonna go when it gets too damn hot to stay in south Texas?

Just for MsB.
When I joined the Navy back in '61, I didn't know ya had to know how to swim. So I didn't learn before join'n.....just dog paddle here an' there a bit. Sink a few times...drink me some water, stuff like that. Anyhows, when I join, the US was [this] close to nuclear war (Cuban Crisis). Well, at that time, the Navy didn't really care one way or tuther if'n you could swim or not. All they wanted was man power to drive them big ol' ships. Or, like in my case, change light bubs an' fuses (shipboard electrician).
In boot camp, we had to learn sailor stuff. Stuff related to what we was gonna do...ty'n knots an' shit like that. We was tested for our abilities an' if'n ya don't pass....you're out of here. I was throwed in a great big ol' swim pool an' told to swim the length of the pool an' back. Ha, what were they think'n? After I was rescued a couple times, the instructor tester guy says to me..."dog paddle across the pool". An' he throws me in the pool again. I did an' I pass the "dog paddle" swim test. I were a bonafied, tested an' true sailor man.



  1. "Where the hell am I gonna go when it gets too damn hot to stay in south Texas?"
    I am real glad that question got answered for me 2 1/2 years ago. Now all I got to figure out is where to be for May, June, October and November. It is a tough life, right BB.

  2. Replies
    1. Had a follower do that for me. Did a great job....but he shrinked my dad gum fish.

    2. Ha...just you wait till you see the other one...

  3. A Dr. told a man he had six months to live.

    The man always wanted to live in Italy by the seashore. So he moved there to enjoy his last six months of life.

    Twenty years later he was alive and happy......Moral of the story.....you decide.

    Andrea in Minnesota

    1. I been to Italy. Way back in '63 or therebouts. I liked it very much an' said I would like to go back. Now all I got to do is find me a doc like that man had....give me 6 months to live.

  4. Where to go when it gets hot? hmm, never had that problem before I just stay there and keep cooling down.

  5. I once failed even a dog paddling test. Missed a stroke, panicked, and went under. I'm good at panic--practiced it a lot.