Saturday, April 21, 2012

A day of fish'n gone bad

Thanks for all the comments on renewing my prescriptions. But......

Everyone should be aware that in order to renew your prescriptions for a YEAR, not 30 day or 90 days, you need to visit your doctor on the appointed date of your evaluation/follow-up appointment. There is probably a government mandated law to this effect. I have done the 30 day thing before. That's no problem. I need a YEAR supply of mind altering drugs in order to travel to any destination, at any time, throughout the year. So no more talk bout getting a 30 day prescription....OK?

I think one more discussion was made bout me go'n to Ga. to visit family and con 4 of my sons into work'n on "da house", with my supervision of course. I'll be do'n some serious think'n on that in the coming days. 

Yesterday, right bout noon thirty.....I took off to go fish'n. There was only a slight breeze blow'n when I left Sinton, Texas, 30 some miles from my secret fish'n hole. Arriving at the intended launch area for the "bubba boat", the winds had increased to a slight gale. Won't be no fish'n today.

On the return trip back to "da house", I stopped by the Lowes lumber and hardware sell'n place in Aransas Pass. Just look'n round ya know. I came to the hardwood floor'n section and BOY HOWDY....thems are some good look'n pieces of wood. I picked out a few that I visualized as a new floor for "da house". Wish I had took a few pics of my many choices.....camera was in my pocket. Looks like for less than $800, the old Billy Bob can have a maintenance free beautiful wood floor all the ways from the driver seat back to the bedroom. This carpet has got to go.

This is close to one of my picks.....stolen from Lowes web site.

Between the little town of Taft and Sinton I hit a batch of rain....and hail. It were so bad I had to pull off the highway and wait till I could see the hood of "that jeep" before proceeding down the road a piece. I was in a hurry since I had left the slide outs OUT. Was I gonna find a flooded house when I arrived? Fortunately, Sinton had received very little rain. All was good. 

 And then....I found this package lay'n on the ground. It was my slide out awning fabric. Yee ha....that were fast....ordered tuesday. Now all I got to do is climb up there on the roof....Grrrrrrrr. According to the instructions, yeah I can do it. "Instructions??? You read the instructions"???

 Men folk usually don't read instructions 'cause they already know how they gonna do something. Then if'n it don't work, they revert to read'n the instructions.

Ok, got a few things to do this morn'n.....laters.

Ok, it's 4:15 and boy howdy. Installed both them awning fabrics....all by my lonesome. It's a two man job, but I had another man in my pocket. Like to never got the first one in 'cause it were tight. Mix up some dish soap an' water and it be a done deal.

Have ya ever see a piece of wood what look like yours? Well I did, so's I put my name on it.
What the hell??? That ain't the way that pic was supposed to show up. Dad burn Blogger do what it want to. 

That all I gonna do for one day. I can scratch this day off as a good day.


  1. Love my one floor i had done with that flooring. In a med color tho, so not much shows on it. Like,,my cat's hair,,fuzzy things,,,Yep, lots better than wet carpet,,,

  2. Awww wish we were camping next to ya... You and Steveio could NOT READ INSTRUCTIONS together~!

    ps we done the slide out awnings on the folk's rig, and used Dawn dishsoap to make them slippery to slide in the track better. Just don't use the BLEACH added Dawn because it can change the colors of them awnings.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  3. Ok, try this for the presc renewal. Find a city close to you with at least two stoplights, then ask for directions to their urgent care facility. Go in there and they should be able to check you over enough to renew your prescriptions, and Medicare should pop for the whole shebang. Chuck

    1. Thanks Chuck. That's kind of what I had in mind to do if I don't go to Deming. With my records in hand I shouldn't have a problem.

  4. Replies
    1. I would rather go fish'n in Rockport............

  5. Good job on the wood & the awnings! Now you can relax...zzzzzzzzz
    The floor will look great too. Are you doing real wood or laminate? How does real wood hold up in an RV? Just wondering. Do weather changes & such effect it? I'm one to leave my windows open as much as I possibly can, so am curious.

  6. "I need a YEAR supply of mind altering drugs in order to travel to any destination, at any time, throughout the year."

    Shit, it doesn't take long to make a pot connection no matter where you are. Not that I do pot, I just know that because so many of my friends do it.

    I like a warm floor in my RV, so instead of a solid wood floor I'm going to make cedar grates to cover it with, then when the crud gets deep enough I can just pick them up and sweep the floor.