Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Time is short

When I first retired in Jan of 02, Port Aransas, Texas was my home base. Believe it or not, in 2002, Port A was affordable at any of the RV parks in town. I think at that time I was pay'n $175 a month for a nice spacious site what I rented long term. Plus electric of course. Don't even think bout it in 2012, where the lowest prices are in the $450 a month range. I still have a "domicile" address there, a post office box and a bank account. A local business service handles my mail for me....at a price. I still consider Port Aransas my home base, but seldom camp there and only visit to pick up my mail and eat up some Mexican food at San Juan's Mexican Restaurant.

What does this have to do with "time is short"? Well let me tell ya. I need to be places. Take care of business ya know. Like "that jeep". The registration runs out in June. It's registered in New Mexico ya know, so that means I have to be there for that. Note: New Mexico does not mail out registration notices on a regular basis and online registration (tried that) don't work as well as it does in Texas. And then, there's Dr. Fronkinsteen, my heart doctor what pisses me off with his stress test gibber gabber. I ain't do'n no stink'n stress test.  My medications expire in May, so I have to be in Deming for that. And then, we got old "pesky neighbor" Wayne to visit. But I'm run'n out of time. Probably take me 2 or 3 weeks to get there once I leave south Texas.

How long will it take me to leave south Texas? Well that all depends on how much "fix'n" I get done. The slide outs are still caus'n me to pull my hair out every time I think bout them. Spent a couple 3 hours online yesterday research'n repairs and adjustments. To no avail. Although I did find out who makes them....out of business. Found the adjustment procedures.......mine are within specs......(well maybe), but I gonna mess with them anyhows. One top corner is not going all the way out....1/2 inch shy. And then I notice the to bottom of the slide outs are wider than the tops by 2 inches. Why and "what the hell"??

That damn goat!!! I look outside this morn'n and he stand'n in the "bubba boat". Just look'n at stuff. By the time I got the camera out, he was gone.....poooof, just like that. Ya see, he's skeered of old Billy Bob. I holler at him and wave my arms in the air......"get out of here ya stoopit goat". Throw firecrackers at him. That works. BOOOM....goat gone.

Boy howdy, I got to make a trip today. Got to go to Port A to pick up mail. Go to Walmart. Go to lumber yard....maybe. Get a bite to eat. I know a good Mexican restaurant in Aransas Pass that serves the best sizzl'n fajitas in south Texas. What ya think???

Ok....things to do.....laters. 


  1. I'm thinking I'd like to go along to that Mexican Restaurant... food here in Costa Rica is BLAND! Don't think they know about chiles and such.... About the other... if you're like us, you'll get out of there where you do... no sooner... no later.

    1. Well shoot, I wouldn't mind in eat'n in Costa Rica. That would be a blast.

  2. Mail me a couple of those fajitas, they sound good. Do you still own that lot near Pesky Wayne? How is he doing by now?

  3. Oh, what's the restaraunt? I'll be passing through there, hopefully, sometime in the next few weeks. Might have to make a pull over! And if they serve Cabrito, I'll be upset & be lookin' for that goat!

  4. By the time I mailed them fajitas to ya Dizzy, they would be cold an' green around the edges, And the tortillas is gonna be all soggy.

    Old "pesky" Wayne is do'n bout as good as he gonna do. Gets around on his 4x4 (4 wheels) walker visit'n all the close neighbors. Pester'n them I betcha, with a possum grin on his face, just like he did me every day.
    When I get there, I'll be stay'n in my old spot....it's still vacant.

  5. Two inches difference top to bottom, hum. That's not calculating right in my head. But I don't know how they are made so there ya go.

  6. Still two areas here where the camping is free, I like free.