Thursday, April 5, 2012

A day of rest

Boy howdy, I is tired. Well maybe not tired, but wore slap out.

I was lay'n there in bed this morn'n think'n....what if I stay in bed till lunch time? I could do that ya know and not feel a bit guilty. But there are a few things I want to do today before half of it is gone. Mostly to pick up all my tools and chunks of wood an' stuff scattered all over the place. I'll get Bubba to pick up and stack the concrete blocks, put the house jacks back in the storage shed.....I can do the rest. Then I can sit back and say "another job well done".

As far as fun things to do, I'm on hold. Got to concentrate on fix'n stuff what is either broke or is gonna break. By the way, "that jeep" has got a refrigerant leak on the air conditioning. When you are in an area of high temps and high humidity you gonna appreciate cold air blow'n in your face. Open winders don't cut it like they do in the desert. I remember one time I was leav'n Calif. on my way back to the Texas coast. I turn the dash air on and "nuttin"....only blow hot air. It were a 1200 mile trip through some the hottest parts of America. so's I open all the winders, set the cruise on a hunnert an' let 'er eat. All the ways across Arizona, New Mexico and west Texas I was comfortable. Then I hit the Texas hill  country. It was pure misery for the next 300 mile or so to Port Aransas. Sweat was pour off me like I was in a sauna....or something like that.
Got to fix the dash air in "that jeep".

Actually I like fix'n stuff. It's what it does to my body what I don't like. If my lower back and right hip would hold up to all the lift'n an' stuff, I would probably build me a little shack somewheres. Not to live in....just to be building something. I rekon I got sawdust and nails in my blood. Not much makes a man feel better than to step back and look at his accomplishments. Maybe one day I'll get the chance to build my RV shelter.

Dang....took almost an hour to post these pics.......maybe I should be do'n something else.


  1. Good shelter design, I like it. Hey, if you run out of things needing fixing, I can let you work on my RV for awhile. . .

  2. I wish I could sleep in but I wake up early and can't stand to lay in bed once I do, and my body isn't hurting enough yet to slow me down but I do love naps these days.

    Didn't get one today, what with making a crock pot of split pea soup and moving wood to the wood splitter and having to take the mower deck off the riding mower to free up a frozen pivot assembly and such before I could mow Helen's yard, maybe tomorrow.

    A shelter would be good, wish I had one to store my 5th wheel in.