Sunday, April 1, 2012

Left or right???

There comes a time in every mans life when he has to make an important decision. Mine comes at a time when I am having way toooo much fun.
This is what I am leaving behind .....that one nice fish even if'n I do say so myself. What ya rekon that big mama weighs? A hunnert pounds?

Today is departure day for the OFM Barney and Billy Bob.....go'n down the road a piece ya know. The decision I have to make this morning is if Im gonna extend my stay at Falcon Lake for a few more days or head 'em up to the Gulf coast and get a job repairing motor homes.

Ya see, my slide out has got to the point that it needs physical man power assistance to retract back into "da house". This should be a simple fix since the slide out floats in the hole with 4 or 5 rollers under it. Simple??? Oh no, not so simple to get to the rollers with close to 1000 pounds sit'n on top them. The slide has to be raised or taken completely out. To take it completely out, I will need to go to Walmart and purchase a fork lift.
"That's all I have to say bout that".....GUMP

Decision has been made. Go'n on down the road a piece. I've catched up enough bass fish to call this a successful trip. I've enjoyed to weather....other than the winds. Have gotten used to the gun shoot'n 2 or 3 times a week in the little town of Falcon Heights, hot rod cars spin'n donuts at the intersection. Yeah, I think I may be back here next winter.

In the mean time...."load 'em up Billy Bob". See ya down the road.
See, I tole ya so. For everybody what thought old Billy Bob was gonna set up homestead at Falcon Lake, I didn't. On up the road a piece bout a hunnert mile with only a hunnert more to go. Sadie Mae says...."where we go'n daddy"???

3:50pm....arrival Sinton, Texas
Well shoot....that didn't take long. Seems like just this morn'n I was decid'n if'n I wanted to make one last try for that elusive 14 pounds bass. Probably would have got him too I betcha.

Took a different route from Falcon Heights to Sinton than the way I went down. Much better road....with the exception of 30 miles of dug up highway. I ain't kid'n neither, they done dug all the blacktop out down to dirt. There was 8 to 10 feets of rough shoulder what was better than driv'n 60 mile a hour on the dirt.

Took one rest break in some little "don't blink yer eyes" burg. Fount me a 12 feets ling piece of 2" inside diameter PVC pipe. Now what I gonna make out of that? I betcha I think of something.

Ok....lay back time before supper.


  1. Sorry to hear about the slide problem. I know someone who put their slide out and LR didn't stop until it hit the ground. I got four slides and every time I use them, I hold my breath.

    1. First time I ever hear of a slide go'n out too far an' land'n on the ground. With all the safety features and the inside trim it's highly unlikely this could happen.

      Don't hold your breath Dizzy.....you will faint. Slides are simple devices....no need to worry.

  2. Flip a coin?

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  3. No idea how slides work but I can't picture one falling out on the ground.

  4. Hope you get your slide problem taken care of.

    I always wanted a gently used motorhome but with all the problems I have been reading in blogs think I will just save enough to give Terlita (my old camping van)a rebuilt transmission :-(

  5. Yep, you all are right, my slides have larger trim (or lips) than the hole size so they can't fall out. They are hydraulic and have clamps t hold them in and out.

  6. BTW, that bass has to be 10 pounds of over. May even be fourteen pounds.