Monday, April 9, 2012

On the right foot

Well here it are another day. The start of a new week. Feel the pressure???

To start things off on the right foot, I got an email from Amazon advising me my brand spank'n new camera had been shipped. That sounds like good news don't it? Well, it ain't. They shipped it via USPS and not UPS. USPS does not have delivery to the address I'm at....a County road in the boonies. All mail is delivered to a post office box down town. Soooo, what can I do? My first attempt to remedy the situation will be to go see the postmaster to see if they will hold the package for pick up on the arrival date. Should be a simple procedure, but you know how the government works.

Now let's talk bout good ol' Amazon, the dot com people. If'n ya ain't never deal with them, you are missing a wonderful experience. Not only do you get great prices on most anything ya purchase, they ship within 2 days and their customer service is outstand'n. Like this camera deal. I emailed them, being concerned bout how I were gonna get my delivery of the camera. To my surprise, I received an email back this morn'n stating they were very sorry they had shipped by USPS and not UPS, and then gave me a $13 refund for the shipping costs ....what I wasn't charged with in the first place. They offered to ship me another camera....with free UPS shipping....then reimburse my CC account when they receive the first camera back from USPS. I'll try the postmaster deal first.

My God it was cold this morn'n. I waked up with cold feets an' says....what the hell??? It were 55 degs out there an' not much more inside. But now the sun is shin'n, ain't no wind and I got a ton of stuff to do today. Betcha I only get bout a hunnert pounds worth done before the day is done.

Was sit'n outside last night with nephews and nieces in laws....couple kids....sip'n a cup ya know, when that damn silly goat grab holt to my hair. He was gonna eat my hair. Tried to bite my elbow too. Don't nobody ever feed this goat? "Git way from me you damn goat".

Ok....let's get this day roll'n.....things to do ya know. I may or may not be back later.

Made me a trip up to the post office an' give the nice guy my "I don't know what to do" routine bout that shipment what is com'n in. He took my name, driver license number, phone number, age an' height, color eyes and all that stuff and assured me he would attempt to get the package to me. I have a tracking number so maybe I can meet the mail delivery truck when it comes in. 

While I was out, went by the lumber yard and bought me some pretty brown door sweep to put on the front of the kitchen cabinet. Don't look too bad for a rookie.

Then I went on up to the auto parts sell'n place an' bought me up a can of pressurized ATV silicon for the slide out repair. Never knowed they had that stuff in a pressurized can.....learn something new every day. Glued the seal in place an' gonna wait a day or so before I operate the slide....good an' cured up by that time. Gonna be just like brand spank'n new...I betcha a quarter.
When I let the slide back down, everything gona be hunkie dory....no leak water maybe. Clean up and touch up after I make sure I got a 100% satisfaction fix.


  1. Are you putting all your bed back every nite? Or is it fixed?
    Can't believe yall didn't have goat for Easter,,,

  2. Nope.....to both questions. But I'm work'n on it....little by little.
    Ain't no way to eat a 200 pounds goat in one day.

  3. Goats will taste anything they can get in their mouth!

    At least he didn't try and taste your coffee! Good luck on the repairs!

  4. If Billy Bob don't come back we know the goat ate him. Dang, one old goat eating another old goat. I better stay away from goats.

  5. Is nice here in Rockport also. Recovering from a migraine this morning but went fishing anyway at the new pier. No bites.

  6. Looks like a good fix. You sure are good at fixing things.

  7. Your new trim looks GREAT!

    Looks like your fix-it project is working out and dries and seals it all up.

    Hope your camera comes!!!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  8. I sure dont see why it wont work. Looks good to me. And i didnt know they had that in a pressurized can, either. Great to know! Hope "that goat" doesnt like silicon. lol.
    Still LMAOOOO about you know who's comment today.