Sunday, April 29, 2012

Drag rac'n memories

Well shoot....don't know what to say. Seems like every day there's less to talk about.

So what am I gonna talk about today. Yesterday??? That's a good subject since I ain't done nuttin today. What I was gonna do in 330 minutes yesterday turned into an all day affair. Pull'n stuff out cabinets, clean'n stuff what nobody sees, fill'n a couple trash bags (toss'n junk),.....did you know bugs grow in open containers of flour and corn meal? I spend an hour clean'n the cabinets over the couch. That where I keep all my dry "flour" goods. They ain't there no more and all the inside them cabinets is clean as a whistle. Got me bout 6 boxes bullets, shotgun shells, bb's, pellets, firecrackers an' other stuff what blows up in there too.

I were read'n the Texas gun laws this morn'n. Can't say that I agree with them as written. You would think that Texas, being a cowboy state, would allow ya to carry a big ol' gun on your side in open view, but they don't, ya got to conceal it. Ya see, the State of Texas is short on funds so you have to "purchase" an concealed weapon permit for $140....checks made payable to Governor Rick Perry....or something like that. Seniors over 60 get a 50% discount. What a deal. But, what I was really look'n for was having my guns in open view in "Sally da house". In Texas, an RV is considered the same as a house....ya can even put neekid pics on your walls if'n ya want to.

That dad burn Dizzy Dick done went to the drag races today an' didn't invite the old Billy Bob. I remember back many years when I was a drag rac'n fool. Went every chance I got. Love the sound of big ol' engines and the smell of burnt rubber. Built a couple drag racers back then, but they was also street legal. I'm guess'n my 1974 AMC Javelin was bout the fastest and best look'n of them all.

Note: This is not my Javelin. Stoled from internet for comparison.
360, dual 4 on a highriser, hull race roller cam, high slip torque converter, 4 inches headers, 10 inches cheater slicks.....all sweet stuff. It were hot...git 8 mile a gallon on the highway, 4 mile a gallon in town.
 Should I mention RPM's and get "doubter" BBC in a uproar? He don't "no nuttin" bout cars. Shift rpm was 6800 to 7200 , depending on track conditions and ambient temp.
Red line 8500 pump'n raw fuel out the headers. Stick that in yer hat master mechanic BBC.

Although, the 1970 AMC AMX was a hot little bugger too. Boy howdy....memories. What would we do without them?

Ok.....got things to do. Maybe watch some golf, a little nap.....what ever.


  1. I discovered those bugs too, and 1 day my son called,,yelling,,"where is the flour?" told him in the frig in that big ol coffee can. Told him i wasn't gonna eat no more those larvae, and bugs! That's where it still stays. Made some chicken n rice 1 time, with those larvae in it,,choked it down, (WAS cooked by then) but didn't eat it for years. Didn't know they were in it til i was eating it.

  2. I read that if you freeze your flour and cornmeal for a while that the bugs won't grow in it.

    Us outlaws don't have no use for gun laws, but in this state you can pack a gun in the open, if you want to pack it concealed you gotta get a permit, it costs about 70 bucks.

    A properly prepared engine will swing those RPM's, big deal, things are different today. Earl just had a hot drag engine built for him, a built up 302 Ford engine.

    I don't recall the figures but it puts out something like almost 500 hp and a gawd awful amount of torque, and is chipped at 6500 RPM. It'll spin much faster than that but there's on point, it'll start running out of steam.

    I have friends still into drag racing so sort of follow it, old circle burner myself, drags bore me.

    I know a hell of a lot more about cars than you'll ever give me credit for but what the hell, I can't teach stubborn old farts like you anything anyway. You think you already know it all. :-)

  3. I had me one of them AMX's, 390 with a big ole 4 barrel carb that you could shove your fist down each throat of the secondary's. Did a lot of exploring out in the mountains in Colorado, how sweet it was when you found a slow poke on some winding road, just put the foot on the floor and burn rubber up the side of the mountain. Don't know how fast it would go, wide open in third was about 145, speedometer only went to 160.

  4. I had a number of AMC cars over the years and was never unhappy with any of them, even my little Gremlin with the Audi four banger was a hard working little bugger on an open lonely highway.