Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Work and more work

Well shoot, here it is another day already. What happened to yesterday.....gone, poooof, just like that.

First project this morn'n is to clean some nasty grimy dirty windows. With a mixture of ammonia and water I start spray'n an' wipe'n. Holy cows, where all that dirt and grime come from? I rekon if'n ya only wash winders once a year or so, they gonna be dirty. This project shouldn't take long with what few windows I have. Might just as well wash the winder screens too.

The next project is to do some battery maintenance. Seems I have some corrosion build up on some of the positive terminals. Bought me up some spray stuff to kill the acid, but ya got to wash it off with a water hose. The water hose don't reach this far and with my 2 added hoses, it still don't reach this far. That means "move "da house" closer to the water hose.
Ok....never mind. Nephew Joseph just came home from the oil fields. We gonna go get water from town to fill the water tank with drink'n an' coffee water. 

Again this morning, it looked like a fish'n day in the "bubba boat". But that didn't last long before the wind start blow'n. It's blow'n 13 mile a hour here in Sinton and by mid afternoon it will be pick'n up to a slight gale. So no fish'n again today.

Ok....got things to do....laters


  1. I just put some water & a cup in a bucket. Then I pour that over the battery terminals with the cup once the stuff starts to dissolve. No need to rush a lot of water over them with a hose. Have a great day!

  2. Work, I thought you were reeeeeeetirrrred.

  3. Hi, BillyBob .. .

    Enjoyed your post. I always do, even when it's stuff I try not to think about, like corrosion on batteries. Don't work too hard.