Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Nuttin to do

What do ya do when ya don't got nuttin to do? Well, it ain't exactly like I ain't got nuttin to do, I just don't want to do nuttin.

Today was the day nephew Joe was gonna jack up the front of "that jeep" and wiggle stuff to see why go'n down the road a hunnert mile a hour (45 to 55) I get the dreaded "death wobble". If'n ya don't know what death wobble is, think of a wash machine on the spin cycle with a unbalanced load. It gonna walk all over the wash room floor an' out the back door. Scare the hell out ya yeah it do. Or you can just Google "death wobble". But anyhows, nephew Joe got called back to the oil fields last night....a day early. Seems one the crane operators set the crane 8 feets from where they was gonna drill. Or something like that. So....."that jeep" is on hold till he returns back to the ranch.

Sure are want'n to lower that bedroom slide out back down into position and see how my repair turned out. I get like that ya know....impatient. Know'n how good ATV silicone works, I'm confident the seal will remain in place. But to be extra cautious, I'll spray slide out lubricant on the sides and bottom of the slide out room. Slick it up a bit.

Then on the other slide out, I'm gonna do one more thing. Add a 1/4 inches piece of plastic under the room to relieve weight on the roller what is sit'n on soft flooring. The plastic will ride on the roller right next door bout 2 feets away from the roller in question. Of course this means lug'n them concrete blocks and jacks back to the other side "da house".  Damn, I'm get'n tired of lug'n stuff.

Ok.....got me a good cool shower....all clean up like go to church meet'n.....think I'll head down the road a piece. Walmart of course....go on down to Academy in Corpus Christi and spend me some money for free fish'n stuff. Buy me some new fish'n string.


  1. I hit Tackle Town for a few lures this morning. Waiting on the ankle destruction to heal before getting salty wet hauling in fish.

    1. Yup....heard all bout all them fish you hauled in yesterday.
      Keep up the good work Barney.

  2. butterbean carpenterApril 10, 2012 at 11:46 PM

    Howdy BB,

    I read it, so bye!!