Monday, April 23, 2012

Georgia on my mind

Most of ya know I have a son working over in Afghanistan as an electrician. This is the son that makes more money than 3 women can spend in a week at Macy's department store. He just returned back to Afghanistan after a couple weeks at home here in the States. With all the turmoil what is go'n on over there, he will be returning back to the States bout the end of May....job finished, shut 'er down. Everybody go home.

I remember back a time when I was mak'n good money. I owned a refrigeration business in Texas City/LaMarque area. I would sort through the service calls and pick out the ones what paid "cash" money. Jump in the truck and go to work. This was back at a time when a service call was $7.50 a hour. So ya had to work long hours if'n ya wanted to make "good money". A hunnert dollar a day was the goal. That mean I have to sell lots of freon and parts.  

I remember one service call I went on to a little shack where this old fisherman feller had poked a hole in his freezer try'n to defrost it. The freezer was stuffed plumb full of crabs, fish and stuff. Unloaded all them crabs to the table next to my coffee cup. This would be a typical "ice pick in evaporator" repair. While we was sit'n there sip'n a cup and talk'n, them crabs was thaw'n out. Out the corner my eye, I see something move. What the hell? Them crabs is alive. Crawl'n round on the table. Pinch'n stuff. That old fisherman feller like to fall out his chair laugh'n at my expression. He 'splain to me that crabs are like bears....they hibernate...or something like that.
Note: After a little internet research, crabs do not hibernate. So why did the crabs on the table come back to life? 

Still at odds if'n I'm gonna go to Georgia or not. Deep down I know I need to get "da house" back to tip top shape if'n I'm gonna live in it the rest of my life. This is what happens when ya don't fix stuff when it breaks. Put'n repairs off only cause more problems and cost a bigger chunk of change. Had I replaced the slide out awning fabric when it blew out, we probably wouldn't be hav'n this conversation. Rip'n out the carpet and replac'n it with a wood floor....yeah, I think I'm gonna do that. I'll probably glue it down like I did in "Alice", my first motorhome.
Turned out a to be good move and never buckled up or warped. Plus the glue/adhesive or what ever ya call it, helped seal the sub floor against water.

This will the be the method of installation in "Sally da house". 

I sure did intend to go fish'n this morn'n. But that idea bit the dust real quick like with the wind blow'n like it is. I knowed I should have gone yesterday when there was just a little breeze, but climb'n on the roof put a hurt'n on the old back and hip. Had to take the day off an' "do nuttin".

Ok....things to do ya know. Laters.