Sunday, April 22, 2012

What are you think'n?

Looks pretty nice out there, but damn, it's 47 degrees. What can you do outside when it's freez'n cold? It's not a whole bunch better inside neither....58 degs. "Turn on some heat Billy Bob".

I was think'n bout all that stuff I wrote yesterday bout rip'n out the carpet in "da house" and replacing it with a wood floor. Now why would I want to do that? I can think of a hunnert reasons why, but I can also think of a hunnert reasons why not. The way I'm think'n, I'm 70 years old, don't entertain visitors on a regular basis, it's just me and Sadie Mae....what the hell do I need a "pretty" wood floor for? Although, it would make a great project. And as everybody knows, I do like my projects.

Speak'n of wood floors, I don't "no nuttin" bout no wood floors. They are maintenance free....for a while, easy to clean and they are pretty to look at. But other than that, what advantage are they? The recommended installation of a wood floor (laminate, Prego....what ever ya want to call it) is to "float". No nails. No glue. Just throw it down and it's done. Something bout expansion and contraction. Being that the old Billy Bob is "old school", I'm gonna be do'n some research on floating floors. 

The old Billy Bob is get'n what some vagabond  travelers call "road fever". I were sit'n outside last night sip'n up a cup an' got to think'n......I could hook up and be out of here in a hour. Decided I better sleep on it before I make any rash decisions. Well I slept on it. Now I don't know what I was think'n. A few years ago I didn't need a reason to hook up and go, but I damn sure better have a good reason now. I ain't so young anymore. Hook'n up is a chore.....like work. And then, there ain't nowhere I really want to go. I'll have to sleep on that.

Ok....gonna find me something to do before I decide to "do nuttin". I'll be Bach.....Squarshnagger.


  1. I have a mobile home that has pergo floors. Carpet holds dog hair in, whereas you can see big fluffy balls of dog hair hiding under everything and out in the open when you have a wood floor. Also, spills are easier to see and clean up.

  2. I sure like the"do nuttin",,that's how i operate.
    Yeah, Gypsy,,ur so right.

  3. Nice big 17" speck on a spinner bait this morning at the harbor pier.

  4. Nothing like having a choice of projects you can do when you want...or not!

    Beats having to be somewhere at a certain time!

    I sure do like being retired!

  5. Just my humble opinion.... I like carpeted soft floors under my feet when I get up, and walk around in comfort, I vaccumn regularly and shampoo it once or twice a year...

    I don't like hard floors with flecks of sands and tiny stones stuck to the bottom of my feet that get carried in on doggers paws. We always take our shoes off when we go in our rig anyhow. To me, the wood or tile floors make noisy clatter, and doggie claws mark it up with scratches.... and drop a correl dish on one and it will shatter into a zillion pieces.

    Even on our hardwood section in our kitchen of the motorhome, and in the bathroom tile area, we have scatter rugs laid across.

    Might have something to do with me being a weaver of rugs though.........

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  6. Personally, I prefer wood floors to carpet.... probably has a lot to do with allergies and dust. What does being 70 years old have to do with it anyway? Do what YOU want to do... when or if you want to do it.

  7. I've installed a number of floating floors, a 1500 square foot one just last year, and I'm pretty damn sure I wouldn't want one in my RV. I'm not knocking them, I just don't think an RV is the right place for them. But they are easy enough to learn how to install if you read the instructions.

    In my RV I'm going to pull up the tile and paint the floor good to seal it and like I said yesterday, make my own cedar grates to lay down in it. Cedar is great if you don't seal it with anything, if you drop some liquid on the floor the cedar will just wick it up and it will evaporate, unless it's a large amount then you just lift up that section and wipe it up, you can't do that with no floating floor, you're screwed if water gets under it, you just can't remove sections of it easily.

    On the one I installed last year, in the areas where water may get on it I took the extra time to seal every board with glue, that's just not coming up easy if water gets under it.

    Anyway, I think you must know what I mean by cedar grates, like you see in shower rooms at times.

  8. Billy Bob, you stole the title to my post for today :-(

    Ok, you did not really steal my title since you posted yours hours ago and I was just thinking of the title as I drove home and have yet to do my post jajajaja...guess I read your mind?

    Do not know anything about wood floors or floors in general so cannot give you an opinion.