Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Sally da house"

Boy howdy, things look a little different this morn'n through these old eyes. Little bit cool here, but not so bad that I need a heater to warm the old bones.

Let's get down to the bare facts bout "Sally da house" since things have been on the down side with the slide out rooms lately. BBC suggests that I should probably dump "da house" an' buy me a pick up truck and a 5th wheel. Before I retired in 2001 (January 14th, 2002), I had took a look at 5th wheels and big ol' pick'em ups. That was not the way I wanted to travel. So's I bought an old used 1989 Open Road by Tiffin 30 foots motorhome...."Alice" named by first mate Vickie Lynn. Later, "Ralph", the 1984 "little red bronco" was added to the fleet as a tow behind go anywheres vehicle. Alice and Ralph were good choices.....God rest their souls.

As with any "house", something is gonna go wrong at some unforeseen time. "Sally da house" is no exception.  This is my home, I live here 24 hours a day....things will break. Then they got to be fixed. Some fixes are easier than others and some fixes require a strong back and a sound mind. To which I have neither. I ain't say'n I'm dumb or anything like that, but when "stoopit" pops his head up over the hedge row, look out. Yup, the old Billy Bob let stupid slip into his life.

Ya see' it's like this....them house jacks (railroad jacks) I were us'n to lift the slide outs for minor repairs were left extended when they should have been throwed on the ground out the way. When I pushed the button to bring the slide out "in", them damn jacks was in the way. So naturally, the slide out didn't go "in" all the way. Then the rains came. But that's only part of it. Remember them slide out awnings what blowed out a couple years ago? They designed to keep water off the tops of the slide out so's it don't find a way inside the house to ruin your carpet an' rot out your floors. Did I make a mistake when I bought a motorhome with slide outs? No, not really. I just need to fix stuff when it breaks, not two years later. 

Ok....on with life as a full time RV'er. Since some of the carpet is still wet from the downpour and the carpet shampooer is sit'n in the middle of the floor, how bout we shampoo the carpet? A little more water ain't gonna hurt nuttin and the carpet sure could use a good clean'n. But first.....order the slide out awning material.

Ok....got lot's of think'n to do.....laters.

Awning material has been ordered. Bout a week delivery time.


  1. Always something, just like a big house! Guess they are like the most of us...the older we get, the more likely things are to happen.

    Oh well, at least it keeps you off the streets and out of the pool halls, right?

  2. I keep telling myself it's still cheaper than a real house...I think...maybe...;-)
    I was faced with a rebuild on my RV recently or selling it. I could not really sell it & make enough to buy another one, so I had to have it rebuilt instead. And yes, it's a constant maintenance hog, but I keep thinking once I get this or that job done, then I'm done...right??
    Good luck! And yes, we all do goofy things at times, then knock ourselves over the head. The damn goat should have eaten those jacks huh?

  3. Billy Bob, don't be in too much of a hurry to do repairs, a reasonable amount of time should be allowed for broke things to self repair.

  4. Sadie May wants a new house. Check http://www.pplmotorhomes.com/ May have something you and Sadie May can't live without. They will also sell the one you have now or take it on trade. You will come out better if they sell it.

    1. You ain't suggest'n that I go out and buy a new motorhome are ya? There ain't nuttin wrong with this one. It's big enough to carry all my needed junk, drives like a Cadillac, gets purty good gas mileage.....it's my home.

  5. I had a big ol' truck and a big ol 5th wheel, and had the same type of problems with it. Stay with what you like and know, is my opinion.

  6. I don't know how old 'Sally' is but all motor homes have limited lives (short) and I've never been interested in owning one. And I don't want another motor and chassis to take care of so a pickup and 5th wheel makes perfect sense to me, I can put my 5th wheel into tight places I could never put a motor home in, not even a tow behind trailer. And I like to get away to places where there isn't much of anything out there but me.

    Of course I own a little piece of property free and clear and a shack I live in that only needs a new roof every twenty years so the 5th wheel is just a bonus that I go camping in almost every month.

  7. "Sally da house is go'n on 8 years old in Sept. She will should provide good service for what time I have left to travel. The chassis has given absolutely no problems. The engine is robust....do a hunnert mile a hour if'n I want to. An' only takes 5 minutes to set up camp...push button level, unhook "that jeep", plug in power an' put on a pot of coffee.

  8. Yup.. Billy Bob. sometimes it seems the repairs cost more if they involve specialty items like slides... but in the long run many things are cheaper to maintain on an RV compared to a house. Hope you and Sally have a long long fulfulling relationship.

    We have done the trailering and the motorhomeing... and motorhome is the way to go for us. Comfort during the journey, less setting up and unhooking and tearing down etc. and we are always dry and warm inside without having to go out to set up camp if the weather is bad. Pull in and turn off the key. Done.

    I think one of the things I like most about the motorhome is going to the bathroom! I used to have to beg Steve to pull over, and then I hate to get out and wade back through the ditch to crawl up into a cold damp trailer to use the bathroom on the side of the road. Then get back out, flip the steps back in and wade back through the ditch to get back into the truck and take off again. ARgghhh do that a few times and you would love a motorhome too! Now I "go" on the move and carefully get back into my seat again.
    Karen and Steve
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