Saturday, April 28, 2012

Does it ever end? Work that is.

Ok, got that out of the way. Read all the blogs, depressing news, Yahoo groups, checked email and now I have nuttin to do.

Well, that ain't exactly true. I took a look around me this morn'n and says...."My God Billy Bob, do something". This place is a disaster. Shoes lay'n all over the floor. Bags of groceries from last weeks Walmart encounter. Fry pan an' coffee cups....bags of trash. Well, it ain't really that bad. Thirty minutes and I'm done.

Went to town yesterday in "that jeep". Don't remember what for, but I did. Oh yeah....laundry. Now let me tell ya bout do'n laundry in a small town. First off, it gonna cost ya a fortune. At $1.75 a washer load and $1.50 per dryer, ya better take a bunch of quarters. Speak'n of dryer. When I reach in to retrieve my dried clothes I jump back like I done been bit by a snake. Them clothes was 2 hunnert degrees or more. I could smell the beginnings of a fire. Burn my fingers. I had to wait 20 minutes for them to cool enough to fold. Good thing I didn't have any no plastic clothes in there.

Speak'n of "that jeep". I turn on the dash air in hopes of hav'n a cool trip to town. What the hell?? That damn thing is done leak out half my freon. What is it with this Jeep? For those what been follow'n my blog for the last 2 or 3 years know all bout "that jeep". Every time I turn around, something new is wrong with it. You would think that by now old Billy Bob would have it all fix up like a brand spank'n new one. But it ain't. Still a piece of junk. Ride like a truck....squeak and rattle. Grrrrrrrrrr......

Well, off to the salt mines. Break out the vacuum, finish wash windows, tote some trash..........wash sum dishes.....laters.

Holy crap, I ain't never gonna get this stuff done. I been pick'n stuff up an run'n that vacuum for the last 2 hour and still got more to go. But that could be from a little 10 or 30 minute break every once in a while. Where did I accumulate all this stuff? Got enough to fill a dumpster. The I still got the windows to do and the damn dishes. Don't ya just hate do'n dishes??? I do.

Boy howdy, I'm one to change his mind worster than a woman. Yeah, I'm talk'n bout go'n to Georgia. May be chang'n my mind again. Had a couple conversations with a couple my sons and that don't make matters look no better. When my son says "he" will repair my slide outs and "he" will install the wood floor....I get's all skeered an' nervous. The old Billy Bob is one what don't take no orders from nobody. Ya don't tell him what he gonna do. He do things his way. This trip is centered around repairs to "da house", not some old pick'em up truck or another camp'n trailer what needs repairs. Ya got that son???


  1. $2.25 for a washer load here and the cheap bastard has the hot water turned off. I have a dryer at home and think I'll get a cement mixer with a plastic tub to use as a washer.

    You can't keep a Jeep fixed, trade it in on something else.

  2. Sounds like the inside has waited as long as the outside...hahahaha. Course, i think fishing is lots more important.

  3. http://www.ustream.tv/decoraheagles Goood fisherman!!!

  4. "Boy howdy, I'm one to change his mind worster than a woman."

    Oh you silly goose! Lol how you have made me laugh :D

    I guess I like washing dishes or at least most of my friends think so. If I am invited to dinner since I can't help with the cooking (as you know I can't cook) I wash the dishes.

    At Mom's my job is to clean up the kitchen after she finishes cooking...so again I have to do the dishes :(