Thursday, April 19, 2012

You spent HOW much???

Holy cows!!! I remember when I could go to Walmart and spend $100 for my entire shop'n list.....and then some "can't do withouts". Yesterdays Walmart experience was well over that $100 I usually spend. Things were fall'n off the shelves right into my buggy.

On my shop'n list was 4 little plastic fish'n boxes for all the new worms, lures and hooks I bought previously. While I was look'n at these little plastic fish'n boxes, comparing prices an' stuff, this big ol' container fell off'n the shelf. I picks it and says...."what the hell is this"? Hey, lookie here, it has 4 little plastic fish'n boxes in it. And a gazillion pockets for more fish'n stuff. That will fit perfect in the milk crate I put in the "bubba boat".
 After close examination of prices and such, it was decided that this item was a must have. The little plastic fish'n boxes are priced at $5 each if buy'n seperately, while this whole fish'n bag thingy was only $5 more. What a deal.

Today is a beautiful day for fish'n. Yesterday was a beautiful day for fish'n. Any day is a beautiful day for fish'n.....if'n ya dress right for it. I started fish'n many years ago when I was just a little tyke. Go down to the creek with a long stick, some string, a hook and some worms dug out the garden. Don't remember if'n I ever catched any fish, but I sure did like sit'n on the bank fish'n. I were only 6 years old ya know. Maybe there weren't no fish in that ol' creek....hell I don't know. Really don't matter does it, as long as you're fish'n?

Boy howdy!! When I got back from shop'n an' stuff yesterday, I open the door to "da house" and "it stink in here". Smell like old stale water....or something like that. The carpets have pretty much dried up by now, but it still stinks. "Febreze Billy Bob....spray Febreze on it". If'n ya recall, I were gonna shampoo the carpet. Well I didn't have any shampoo for the shampooer thingy. But I do now. What if? What if I mixed some Febreze in with the shampoo? Ya think that would get rid of the nasty stink smell? Or maybe put some mouthwash in it.

So what ya gonna do today Billy Bob? Hell I don't know.....eat a donut I guess. First thing I gonna do is fill up that fish'n box thingy with fish'n stuff. Deflate an' load up "bubba boat" and my fish pole in "that jeep".....maybe go fish'n later. It's a toss up of fish'n or work'n on "da house". Both are important ya know.

Ain't no sense talk'n bout them slide outs this morn'n. They got me all frustrated and irritable. I don't use the word irritable much in my vocabulary....it's usually "pissed off" or something like that. Damn slide outs!!!!

To give BBC a better idea what I was talk'n bout the slides being 2 inches wider at the bottom.....here what I talk'n bout.
Actually I don't think they are wider, just that the top is not going out as far as the bottom.Don't think they ever have since day one.

Ok....things to do....laters. 


  1. Could the top and bottom seals be different thicknesses or maybe one is missing? Just wondering.

  2. If I were voting, I'd say that fishing should come first! But then, I always did like fishing more than working!

  3. I would agree that the top isn't going out as far as the bottom. Mine used to tilt when letting out and coming back in, but I'll be darned if I can see it in my mind how it should be. If I were you I'd think about fishing and worry about the slides later.

  4. Spent all morning wade fishing at Light House Lakes park with no fish to show for it. Weather was cool bright and light breeze. Best part is my hip waders did not leak.

  5. I read somewhere that if you want to get rid of most smells you just put vodka in a spray bottle and spray it on what stinks.

    That slide out doesn't look right to me and I drive by the RV sales lot almost everyday.

  6. "Mine used to tilt when letting out and coming back in, but I'll be darned if I can see it in my mind how it should be."

    That makes since to me, maybe his isn't going the last needed inch to click into place.