Monday, January 7, 2013

Bad dreams......

About the weather....somebody lied. Although my cheap Walmart thermometer thingys says it was 44 degs last night, it didn't feel anywheres close to that. What started out this morn'n as sunshine has turned into extremely overcast skys. Big ol' clouds out there.

Bout 2:30 am I were sleep'n like a new born baby. Suddenly I wakes up.....I were hav'n a strange dream. A great big round blade look'n thing fell on my foot. It were bout 4 foot in diameter made out of stainless steel an' had razor sharp edges on it. Weigh a ton I betcha. I could see the sparkle from the sharpness. But anyhows, it were just stand'n on edge an' I walks up to it.....just look'n ya know. It start to fall all a sudden for no reason. I jumps back like lickie split, but it hits my foot. Some girl scream. Who the hell that??? I sits down an' take my sandal off....everthing look OK to me. Then all a sudden, blood start build'n up under the shin....like a great big ol' blood blister. The entire top of my foot. The girl still scream'n. That when I waked up. Went to the couch, turn on a light, light me up a smoke an' check out my foot. Look Ok to me.

Now for the strange part....the rest of the story. I had other dreams of these strange look'n 400 pounds discs before. Same freak'n ones. Same color, same shape....everthing the same. In both cases, somebody got hurt when they up an' fall over for no reason. I'm talk'n they got hurt Really bad. One guy what didn't get out of the way in time was cut slap in two pieces. Another had both his feet amputated.....poooof, two feets gone, just like that.

I heared a few times that dreams have meanings. I ain't no "dream catcher" or nuttin like that, so don't ask me. What could the meanings be of these dreams I had??? Kind of makes me cringe to think 3 dreams the same in a short period of time. I had dreams before where I fall off'n cliffs, skyscrapers....stuff like that, but never hit the bottom. How comes that???

Get'n low on propane. Down to less than 8 gallon left in the tank. "Conserve Billy Bob, ya don't need 80 degs in "da house" ya know". So, I got on Google to find propane sell'n places close to Falcon Heights. Only two an' they both 30 plus miles away.....60 round trip. One in Rio Grande City an' the other in Zapata. That's right at 7.5 gallon of gasoline...bout $25 dollar worth. With phone numbers in hand, I'll call each these propane places and see if by chance they have a truck in this area on certain days. And hopefully they will fill a motorhome propane tank from the truck. Most won't. Another thing for the old Billy Bob to fret bout.....run'n out of propane and freeze slap to death.

If all winters are like this in south Texas, I may be look'n for different stomp'n grounds next year. I don't like this crap. I 'member in Port Aransas, we used to wear short most of winter. Only had a couple three weeks of really cold weather. Damn global warming.  


  1. I think Shoeless Joe down in Mission must have stolen our sunshine.

    1. It only passed through here and it's sure gone today.

  2. The interpretation of that dream is that the president is going to cut off your Social Security. If that ain't it, maybe you should stay away from sharp things.

  3. Hey if Texas is too cold, then maybe you should check out Florida. Understand their is a lot of fishing and catching down around the "keys". However south Texas just would not be the same with out BB hanging out down there. Maybe you just need a warmer coat or a bigger dog(s).

  4. Hey, Billy Bob... Come on over to Yuma! It's not too cold here, got some fishing holes although I hear they only have the kind of fish that bite when it's warm, which doesn't make sense to me. Don't they have to eat when it's cold? Anyway, it's in the high sixties mostly and lows are in the forties. Got a bunch of wind today. Sue

  5. It does make ya wonder about those dreams, doesn't it?

    Crazy weather all over the state this year! Longer cold spell than I remember us having for a while!

    Good luck finding a warm spot!

  6. It ain't snowin and that's good enough for me.