Saturday, January 19, 2013

Too hot in "da house"...

All I really wanted to say yesterday was that I only get on the internet in the morn'n to read the blogs and such. I don't see none the comments until the next morn'n. And by then it's too late to reply to any. Since I'm boondock'n, and if'n I recall, I said I said I weren't gonna mention no more bout boondock'n, any internet surf'n after dark has been kept to a minimum or none at all. My batteries cain't keep up with the high amp draw of this computer, an' I mean to tell ya, it do draw some amps. With the few days of sunshine we been hav'n, the batteries are back up to "turn sumthin on" status.

Got up this morn'n right bout 6am to do my nightly relief thing an' I was think'n, do I stay up or go back to bed. One quick glance outside settled that question right now. It were still dark out there.....enough said. I don't do dark. Couple more hours in the warm comfort of the bed I finally gets up. It were a chilly 44 dges last night and a expected 76 for the day.

Since it was such a nice day yesterday, me an' Sadie Mae took us a ride over to the State park. Everthing look the same as it did the last time we was over there. Cain't rightly say if'n the lake level has come up or not, but from what the banks showed me, it's been go'n both ways.....up an' down. There was some fish jump'n out there, so that's a good sign. Means the fish are com'n in closer to shore. Not quite wading distance yet, but I rekon if'n I was to get in the "bubba boat".....well, you know what I'm talk'n bout. "Yo Billy Bob, did ya charge the boat battery"??? Well hell no. So charg'n the boat battery is on the agenda. Hmmmmm, jumper cables hook up to the solar panels. That might work....what ya think?

Ok, I'm burn slap out on the big ol' pot of beef stew soup. Done ate all I could stand. As much as I hate it, I got to toss the rest in the dumpster. No I don't freeze stuff like what a lot of other people do. Changes the taste of it an' if'n it don't taste just like the day I make it, I don't eat it. Simple as that. I'll save a bit for Sadie Mae and call it a done deal. She says she like my cook'n no matter what it taste like. Breaked out a couple steaks for supper just in case it's still warm enough to grill later on. One for tonight an' one for tomorrow.

I sure did like read'n all the comments bout why people blog. What started out as a record an' a family thing, turn into a full fledged "look out world, here come the Billy Bob". Insert your own name in place of mine an' we be just fine with that. What other people think do make a difference in what I write, so's I try not be offensive or nuttin like that. But then, there are some times I probly piss some folks off by the ways I say stuff. But shoot, the old Billy Bob is harmless. Give him a break, he'll be OK tomorrow.

Speak'n of photos/pictures/pics, or what ever ya want to call them, I took my camera with me yesterday. Ya cain't take no pictures with dead batteries. You would think that with the technology what we got today, they could come up with a blink'n light thingy or something like that what says....charge the freak'n batteries. But no, all it gots is when ya turn it on, it says....low batteries. Buy then, you're a hunnert mile from the battery charger want'n to take some excit'n pics of stuff.   

Ok....get'n way too hot in "da house". Gonna have to go outside to cool down a bit. Sit under the trees sip'n up a cup and think'n. Speak'n of which, water is the problem with my coffee. Brewed me up half a pot on the stove yesterday. Holy crap, I done put way too many grinds in there....strong like bull. But anyhows, using the store bought little bottles of water, my coffee is drinkable.


  1. You might get a Brita water filter pitcher and keep good water around all the time. I use it for coffee, tea, drinking plain, and anything else where the chlorine taste is in the water supply.

    I like your blog and you almost always make me smile.

  2. I'll 2nd that Billy Bob makes me laugh...

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  4. Glad you got the coffee thing all figured out! Nothing like good, fresh coffee in the morning!

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