Friday, January 11, 2013

Yee ha, it was summer yesterday

Hot damn, boy howdy, yee ha....all that good stuff. Yesterday was a beautiful day.

Propane guy show up right on time at 10:10am yesterday. Fill my propane tank with 25.5 gallon of precious BTU producing highly inflammable liquid petroleum gas.....propane. The old Billy Bob ain't gonna be cold no more. Propane guy says he'll be back in two weeks to see if'n I need to fill up again, while he's stuffs $82.87 in his pocket ($3.25 a gallon). Nice guy.  

Right bout 11am yesterday, the sun was blaz'n down on "da house"....produc'n solar heat through the winders and solar electricity up there on the roof. I'm go'n outside.....that what I'm gonna do. Boy howdy, ya don't know what it feels like to be cooped up for weeks on end and all a sudden it's summer time outside (75 degs). I grabs up my coffee mug, some smokes, a good book an' out to the yard I go. Sit in the sunshine ya know. I feeled good. Even took me a short walk. Never do that again.....had to walk back ya know.

This morn'n when I waked up it was 57 degs outside.....don't know what it was inside, but it weren't cold. If there's any mountains close to Falcon Heights, ya cain't see them 'cause of the fog. There ain't no sunshine. I ain't go'n outside.

Holy crap....what that noise? Sadie Mae was lay'n up there on the dashboard look'n out the windshield. Look'n for critters I suppose. All a sudden she jump down an' start look'n under the front seats. She hear something. I do too. So's I bait up a couple mice traps with peanut butter an' slides them in place. Weren't even a hour go by an' POW....I got me a dead mouse. Then this morn'n I got me another. Damn, I hate mouses in "da house". I ain't skeered of 'em or nuttin like that, but they eat wire. Cause a short an' burn "da house" down.

On my last trip to Georgia, I bought me up one them electronic mouse deterrent gobbar do's what ya plug in. They don't work. Well maybe they do if'n ya got the generator run'n. Maybe if I was too plug it into the inverter system.....hmmmmm.....maybe. I rekon that's just one more drawback of boondock'n....the critter deterrent thingy don't work. I have my doubts if'n they even work at all. 

I just finish read'n another one them cowboy/western books. It were a goodern. The main characters talk just like what old Billy Bob do. Gonna, wanna, nuttin, hot damn....stuff like that. Make me feel like I was right there on my own hoss rid'n along with 'em. I were think'n bout buy'n me one them Kindle book thingys, but they ain't like the real thing. I got to turn pages. Cuss when they stick together. Ain't nuttin like the real thing when it come to books.

Ok, I got a few things to do. Dishes, sweep the floors, take the trash to the dumpster.....stuff like that. Maybe take me a shower. *sniff sniff*.....nope, don't smell like no goat. Forgit that.


  1. While I'm reading about your 75 degrees, I just checked and we have 25 degrees here in Sacramento. I can dress warm enough, but my fingers stay cold.

  2. Ouch, sure am glad I ain't in Sacramento. I would freeze slap to death.
    Stay warn girl.

  3. Not very good up here in the desert either. No fish caught yesterday either. It has been a nasty winter so far.

  4. Catching crappies up here in NJ ice is gone and sun is shinning through, too small to eat by time u fillet them it's all gone.

  5. Well are you on your way to Del Rio yet. Looks like the catching is pretty good out there.

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