Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dishes again???

Boy howdy, I sure did stick a stik in a hornets nest when I mentioned "nasty coffee".

Let me tell ya bout the pot of beans I throwed together yesterday. I like 15 bean soup, so that's what I made. With a big ol' ham hock in it. I rekon I'm gonna have to throw half of it out for the critters. Not 'cause it don't taste good or nuttin like that, but ain't nobody pull the covers up over their heads last night. Sadie Mae say she ain't get'n under there.

Pull a roast out the freezer last night. Gonna brew me up another BIG pot of Billy Bob beef stew soup. I ain't never went wrong mak'n this concoction. Better than beef stew an' better than soup. And from what I've read, it's good for ya too.

So what else did I do yesterday beside build a pot of pooof power bean soup? Well, I turn the water heater on so's I could wash up some dishes. Did I do dishes?? Who you kid'n? Well hell no I didn't do dishes.....sheesh!!! Turn water heater back on this morn'n......just maybe.

Trip to town in "Sally da house was a success. Got a almost full tank of gasoline and had a nice little ride. Without "that jeep" hang'n on the back, I almost squeeled the tires. This sucker run. But, I make a fast turn around a corner and everthing in the refrigerator went fly'n to the floor. Nuttin busted so it was ok. Got to remember that "click" when I close the refrig door.

When I got back to the camp site, the sunshine was just peek'n out the clouds. Got me bout 3 hours worth. Charge then batteries up a bit. As I was watch'n the charge controller, it was sit'n on 13.65 volts an' 12.4 amps. That's pretty good right? Next time I look at it 5 minutes later, it were on 14.38 volts with the same amount of sunshine. That ain't right. So here what I'm think'n. Something wrong with the charge controller. When I check the batteries with a hydrometer...old cheap Walmart thingy, 2 balls was float'n to the top, 1 was half ways up and the other one was just lay'n on the bottom. That should be bout 60% charged. Anyhows.....

Got up this morn'n to 49 degs......brrrrrr, that's cold. Ain't nuttin in the sky but clouds. Expected high for the day....54 degs. Ain't gonna be sit'n outside that for sure. Maybe go to town and pick up my meds.....what ya think?

Ok.....I'm gone. Have a good day where ever you at.


  1. jist checked the coast near Corpus and they are too cold too. Nowhere safe this year.

  2. At least eating all those beans guarentees that you will not have any bed bugs. . .

  3. Wow, custom made and properly seasoned fumigation and for free.