Saturday, January 5, 2013

Downside of boondock'n

Another cold night of 43 degs. But that may be it for a few days. Still no sunshine....nuttin but a cloudy sky out there. But accord'n to our weather forecasters, we got sunshine on the way. I'm ready an' wait'n. I got me a case of houseatosis or something like that. Wanna go outside an' sit on the porch sip'n up a cup. 

Ok, so we all go'n boondock'n....right? Well let me tell ya bout some the downsides.

As everybody knows, when it's 104 degs outside, it's gonna be a little hotter inside. So what do ya do? Well shoot, ya turn on the AC, that what ya do.  Set that sucker on cold as it go and lay back. Oh wait a minute.....we ain't got no electricity for that. Ain't no way a solar system is gonna run no AC, so ya crank up the generator an' burn up a gallon of gas a hour. Afore ya know it, ya gotta go to town and fill the gas tank. That's downside #1.

Water is a downside no matter how ya look at it, so there ain't no discussion. But like I say yesterday, if you conserve, really conserve, everthing gonna be just fine.

Winter months are another dad blamed downside. This is the time of the year ya gotta "evolve". You know, get used to freez'n slap half to death. The only heat you gonna have is produced by propane.....so ya gotta conserve heat too. In other words, learn to live just a bit on the hindside of comfortable. Speak'n of heat....did you know? The factory installed furnaces in your rig only produce heat at bout 60% efficiency....give or take a few percentage points. For every 1000 btu's of burned propane the furnace produces, 400 btu's, or so, is vented to the critters outside....keep 'em warm ya know. Use of a non vented 99% efficient "safe for RV use" heater alleviates that loss. But of course ya gotta crack a winder bout a inch or so.

Another downside boondock'n is, ya ain't got no neighbors to talk to. To some folk, this is a god send. I know the wimmins ain't gonna like this none 'cause they like to jibber gabber all day long. Men ain't gonna like this neither one bit, "cause they don't wanna have'ta listen to their wimmins jibber gabber all day long. Us men folk, as we grow older, us "oldies" like to be close to other people. Just in case we wanna go "jibber gabber" an' tell a Walmart bag full of lies with some other "oldie" tote'n his own Walmart bag. You know what I'm talk'n bout. Men do that ya know.....stretch the truth just a tad, that what I'm talk'n bout.

That's bout the jist of it....boondock'n ain't cut out for all folks. But it sure do grow on ya onest ya git th hang of it. Ain't no costly $400 plus monthly RV sites what ya gotta pay for. Ya got privacy. The freedom to do what ya want and the feel'n of self sufficiency.

Speak'n of $400 monthly RV spots. Did you know that RV park camp'n sites has gone up in the last few years. I'm talk'n 50 to 100%. They call 'em RV Resorts now. Even State Parks charges has increased.

Ok, I ain't got a thing else to talk bout. Not even in anticipation of warmer days. I'm rock bottom.

Oh yes I do. Since blogger done remove the "follow" button, how the hell do ya follow another blog? Sheesh, why don't they leave stuff alone?


  1. Hey BB, I like to jibber jabber. I ain't real happy unless I got some one to swap tales with.

  2. "I know the wimmins ain't gonna like this none 'cause they like to jibber gabber all day long. Men ain't gonna like this neither one bit, "cause they don't wanna have'ta listen to their wimmins jibber gabber all day long."

    While I am NOT one of those women...I will agree on the later :D

  3. Glad Billy, Barnacle Bill or the Popster wrote about the downside of boondocking.

    You're too funny...

  4. It doesn't take long at all for saving on those RV campgrounds costs to come out ahead on a good solar system. Mine paid its cost back in less than two years and I don't boondock all that much.

    1. I were gonna mention that Barney, but I were get'n all excitis bout them wimmins jibber gagger'n that I done forgot.

  5. It's been below 0*F for the past week at night which means the 5 gallon water jugs are freezing up solid, the dog bowl is frozen solid every morning so must be melted on the stove along with the coffee water at breakfast, and multiple layers of clothing are de riguer at all times. Using a gallon of gasoline a night to charge the batteries and watch TV. LP is consumed at one 30lb bottle every 2 1/2 days maintaining 60* so the interior is sopping from condensation. The solar panels weep from no sun most days. This is the way life will be for the next three or four months.

    Just thought I'd share. By the by, if'n you want to jibber-jabber with other liars, I suggest Ham radio.

  6. Sure is hard to read blue print on blue water

  7. Great post of boondockin' and etc. I have a girl friend whose significant other goes to Walmart EVERY day for the express purpose of walking around the store till he finds somebody he knows to shoot the bull with.

  8. Dear ol Blogger has made too many dad nabbed changes to keep up with! Then when I finally find how to do something, by the next time I need to, I've forgotten. Have I mentioned,, I Hate Blogger? lololol