Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Love that dawg modifications

Yesterday evening I were feel'n just like a hunnert dollar bill. When ya been down in the dumps for a while and ya do a  project what turns out perfect, ya got good reason to feel good. But then, wouldn't ya know it, something throws a monkey wrench in the works.

First, the monkey wrench. Right bout 2am I were hav'n a dream that I was hav'n another one them backards  leg cramps. I waked up and yeah I was. Then at 6 am, I had me anuther one. So I got up, put me on a pot an' says...."might as well stay up". Don't even suggest I eat up a bunch of bananas 'cause these ain't them kind of cramps.

Now what made me feel like a hunnert dollar bill? Yup....."bubba boat". Ya see, I love my dawg, Sadie Mae. She like to go everwheres with me, go for rides, lay next to me, git under my feet, sleep with me, touch me.....and she like to ride in the "bubba boat". So's I modified the "bubba boat" so the damn dog won't be lay'n in my lap whiles I'm try'n to catch me up a fish. That dog needs to go on a diet....dang!!! Anyhows, I moved the seat and motor mount back bout 8 inches. "That ain't much modification Billy Bob". Well no, it weren't, but it took me all afternoon to do it an' I did it right. That takes time ya know.....sip'n up a cup an' think'n.
Modifications performed by 'Billy Bob Engineering Specialties LLC Inc'.
 This simple modification gives me the option to mount the motor bracket in the forward (original) position or in the rear position, as in the photo....depend'n on if'n I take that fat dog fish'n with me or not.
Since I moved the boat balance point back 8 inches or so, the spare battery will be placed all the ways up there in the front. I'm think'n I got me one mean blow up fish'n machine.

As a test to see how long it takes to dismantle and stow the "bubba boat" in "that jeep", I looks at my watch. 8 minutes to be exact. But boy howdy, I ain't gonna do that no more...I were winded. And this is where them backard leg cramps come from. While pick'n up the rolled up "bubba boat" to throw in the back of "that jeep", my back says...."whoa there Billy Bob, slow down...take it easy". But it were too late, I done pull my old weak lower back.

Now that I'm all excitis bout try'n out the new modifications, the freak'n wind come up. Blowed a hunnert mile a hour last night and ain't slow down enough for a test run this morn'n. But it's warm....72 degs at 7:30 this morn'n.

Ok, here's the deal. Them other BIGGER boats what I were look'n at, what I showed ya yesterday, yeah I would love to have me one them. But then I got to think'n....they gonna be heavier than my Sevylor Rio blowup canoe. They gonna take a bigger motor, a bigger battery, and bigger set of muscles. All of which I ain't got.  

Just in case you want to know, the big fish are show'n up at the lake....take a look at this 11.26'er. Things are pick'n up at Falcon Lake....come on down...catch ya up a fish.
Now that's what I'm talk'n bout.


  1. Nice fish! Bet you are more than ready to get hold of one like that!

    Does Sadie like fish?

  2. If you hook onto a fish like that it will pull you, Sadie May, and the Bubba boat all over that lake. Maybe your next project could be a brake for the Bubba boat. Bet you could get a patent on that. You did a nice job. You are The Man!!!

  3. That's a great looking bass but like DD said that sucker will take you to the other side if it got a mind too. Hope it works out for you.... Hope you don't mind if I use your photo for a fishing site I belong too, it will make them crazy just looking at it.