Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Billy"the kid"Bob

Well I want you lookie here....sunshine. And the weather thingy said fog. Go figger.
60 deg low for last night. Ain't narry a thang wrong with that.

Talked to my boys up in Iowa. They both got electrician jobs up there. Sure make their daddy happy. "Send me some money boys". It were a bit nippy up there in in the tundra....or what ever ya wanna call it. Something like 20 degs for the warmest part of the day. Ha....and they want me to come visit....go fish'n....RIGHT!!!

Just a quick note here, the lake has rizen. Damn....ain't rizen a real word??? Come on spell check, do something. Look'n to me like it come up another 3 or 4 inches. Seen a few fish jump'n in shallower water. Weren't no new critter tracks. All is well.

Billy 'the kid' Bob steped out of the door of the cafe on to the boardwalk. He squinted his eyes into the bright sunshine. A toothpick hang'n from his lips, a smile on his face. He was think'n of the cute little waitress that brung him his breakfast. And that where his thoughts lay. He wandered off to the west at a slow easy step, his spurs jingl'n with every step upon the wooden boardwalk.

Billy 'the kid' Bob weren't a big feller. His height reach'n 5 foot 9 inch in his scuffed up high rise rid'n boots with a added ince for good measure. Soak'n wet he would weigh in right at 145 pounds. On his right hip hung a Model P 1873 Colt Frontier with a 7 inch barrel 44-40 caliber single action pistol. It was carried in a well oiled leather holster tied down just above the knee. His trail worn and faded jeans tucked into the tops of his boots. On his head he wore a black narrow brim Mexican sombrero with a silver hat band and little ball thingys hang'n off the edge. One distinctive bullet hole marked the center of its crown. This was "the kid"....Billy 'the kid' Bob.   

Just a few doors down was the town water hole, The Giddy-up Saloon. A  loud roar could be heard from behind the bat wing swing'n doors. Out stomped Dead Eye Dick. The ugliest man in the west. His straw like hair stood out from under his tattered, torn and sweat stained Texas ten gallon hat. His face was covered with scars from long past knife, fist and a recent axe fight. One ear was missing. His nose rested on his left cheek. He let out another blood curtling roar liken to a grizzly bear what had stubbed it's toe. He was mad. Stomp'n mad. People were scramb'n out of his way as he shoved his way through the crowd, swing'n his fists at anyone within reach. On his hips he wore a brace of short nose 45 caliber Army Colts, tied down just above the knees.  

As Billy 'the kid' Bob continued to stroll down the boardwalk, his mind was preoccupied with thoughts of the cute little waitress that had brung him his breakfast. He had no awares of the approaching mad man, the ugliest man in the west. 'Dead eye' took up most the boardwalk with his broad upper body and as they passed each other, they brushed shoulders ever so lightly.

With his preoccupation, eyes still a glow, 'the kid' continued on with his stroll down the boardwalk. 'Dead eye" had came to a abrupt halt, stomped his feet an' let out another blood curtling roar. 

"HEY" he screamed at the top of his lungs. 'The kid', realiz'n he had erred in his ways, turned and voiced a quiet "escuse me". Then continued on...still preoccupied.  "YOU", "PIP SQUEEK", I'M TALK"N TO YOU", he yelled.

'Dead eye", steam flar'n from his flattened nostrils shouted, "YOU PUSHED ME". No one had ever pushed 'dead eye' and lived to tell about it. He was mean....and the ugliest man in the west. Again he yelled, "YOU, PIP SQUEEK, I'M TALK"N TO YOU" Now Billy 'the kid' Bob had a thing bout name call'n and pip squeek rattles his bones. Two times this mad man had called him that name. A name lower than a rattlesnakes belly. His spurs begun to jingle, the rowels was set to spin'n. His muscles tightened. He slowly turned to face Dead Eye Dick, the ugliest man in the west.

to be continued.....

Now that I got your attention, what's for supper? I'm think'n maybe some grilled up chicken with tater wedges. What ya think???

While I was sit'n out under the trees sip'n up a cup, I got to think'n...."maybe I should move "da house". Ya see, the sunshine don't bear down on the solar panels the entire day. There's a damn tree in the way what shades the panels right bout 3:30 oclock. The morn'n sun ain't got enough energy untill somewheres bout 11:30am. so's I only get 4 hours of good sun. An' everbody knows, that ain't enough sun to charge the batteries. On another note, I pretty much decided that the charge controller is gonna get replaced. Damn thing don't register the same voltage as at the batteries. That ain't right. There goes another 68 gallons of gas I could have used to go down the road a piece.....bout $230 dollar worth.....with ship'n.


  1. Hey BB why don't yea get about 200' of rope and tie it to your jeep and the other end to the bubba boat and row on out there this evening when they start jumping....Then all you have to do it pull your self back by the rope.

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  3. I like your new western novel. The way you wrote it, I could almost picture being there in the crowd watching it unfold. Can't wait for the second part!

  4. This is Dead Eye Dizzy Dick, and I like your story. Can't wait to hear how it turns out.

  5. I'm with Dizzy - I hope you continue the story tomorrow.