Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rio Grande River

Well I sure ain't got much to talk bout today....with all this cold weather we got last night. I'm like, what the hell? At midnight, it was 51 degs. Well I can live with that. But when I got up at 6am for the morn'n ritual in the bathroom, it was 44 degs. I'm go'n back to bed.

I was so hyped up with all the beautiful warm weather we was hav'n that I folded up my two heavy blankets an' stowed them under the bed. This left me with 2 skinny blankets what is good for bout 60 degs.....somewheres round there. Bout 2am, I were stumbl'n round junk on the floor try'n to get them heavy blankets out. It were slap cold back there in the sleep'n quarters. Anyhows.....damn it were cold.

There's a possibility that today may turn out to be a nice day. If'n ya believe the weather forecast thingy, it supposed to get up to 75 today. So far this morn'n there ain't no wind. A little sunshine ever once in a while. I'm think'n...."what if....I launch the "bubba boat"??? Just cain't wait to try out them new modifications.

Did ya see that great big ol' fish what OFM Barney done hook into? Now that what I'm talk'n bout. Great job Barney.  

Speak'n of fish. The Falcon Lake Tackle fish'n report says bass fish'n is look'n up. A few DD's (double digit over 10#) have been caught in the last couple days....in the wind. I'm think'n spawn here in a couple weeks. That means there gonna be some big fat bass up in shallow water "do'n their thang".

I suppose I should make a trip over to the lake. If for nuttin else, but to check out "da rock". You remember that rock don't ya? I placed it on the shore to see how much the lake level was com'n up. It was way hell out in the lake last time I check. But it's gonna take bout 10 feet, or something like that, of water to get back to the level it were last year. I don't think it's gonna happen 'cause Lake Amistad ain't got that much water to release. You did know that Lake Amistad and Falcon Lake are both fed by the Rio Grande River....right??? The Rio Grande also has two names. In America, it's called Rio Grande and in Mexico it's called Rio Bravo del Norte. Just thought you might want to know.
Just in case ya want to know more....http://www.tshaonline.org/handbook/online/articles/rnr05 from the Texas State Historical Association.


  1. All I know is that Falcon Lake is stealing the water from Lake Amistad!

    Well, not really but the International Water Commission sure keeps on releasing a lot of it downstream.

    Rio Bravo del Norte might be the official name but most Mexicans know it as Rio Bravo, me included :)

    1. According to something I saw, crop irrigation is about to start around Falcon Lake. That is why they are getting all the water right now.

  2. And here I thought fishing was more important than crops.